VALORANT Replication New Game Mode Teased by Riot Games

A new game mode called Replication is coming. Get ready fans of VALORANT!


Replication is a new mode for VALORANT’s tactical shooter which seems to replicate an agent's abilities or permit multiple players to use the same agent. The short teaser showed A Site on Breeze and 11 Brimstone smokes covering the area. Obviously, these are more than the smoke Brimstone usually can use since you can see that the entire site was concealed by his ability.

The new game mode Replication appears to indicate that players can replicate other agent’s abilities or it may also mean that multiple players can use the same agent. Though there isn't additional information given, the trailer showed a lot of speculations about what could be Replication. But if it's true, then the entire map will be a mess.

Riot Games didn’t release the scope of the new game mode Replication or if there will be a limit to the abilities that will be used. It is also vague if replication will only be available on Breeze. The newest map features a large open-design, an obvious difference among the other maps. Abilities are vital on Breeze and maybe, the Replication mode might be designed specifically for the map.

The release date for this new game mode hasn’t been revealed yet but it maybe will appear in-game soon.