Valorant’s new Cryostasis skin bundle let’s you freeze enemies

Utilizing their official Twitter account, Valorant has just unveiled their newest range of skins. This brand-new line, known as "Cryostasis," features an icy and frosty appearance. It has a melee skin, four firearms, and four different themes for the guns.


First-person tactical shooter game Valorant pits two teams of five players against one another while utilizing Agents. These Agents have special skills that help the players complete the match's goal. The game is renowned for providing outstanding skins.

The Abyssal skin package was just introduced by Riot Games, but it didn't go over well with players. Since then, a new skin collection has been eagerly anticipated by many. The Cryostasis skin bundle is discussed in more detail in this article.

The Classic, Vandal, Bulldog, Operator, and a melee weapon that nearly resembles a hammer are all covered in the Cryostasis skin collection. This skin is covered in snow instead of being based on a mythical theme like its counterpart, the Crimsonbeast skin, which is all about heat and scalding lava.

The weapons look contemporary but are actually frozen from the ice. Additionally, the collection gives the skin a few red accents that contrast with the otherwise all-white color scheme.


Unknown are the specific variations and special sound effects that the skin bundle will offer. Additionally, no details regarding the cost or skin tier have yet been made public.

The Valorant shop will get the Cryostasis package on December 14, 2022, just before Christmas. As the current Abyssal bundle departs the market shortly after Cryostasis comes, this winter festival may be the ideal moment to purchase the newest line of skins.

According to the creators, ice builds up on players' weapons the longer they go without firing. But when it intensifies and someone pulls a pistol while wearing the skin, the ice breaks with stunning animation.

Sean Marino, the game's associate art director, said:

"I think that goes into the idea of how we want players to play the game. It's like, "Take your time. Be deliberate." If you look at your gun, and it never has ice on it, maybe you need to calm down and just relax for a second."


This is one of Valorant's most distinctive characteristics. Players will be able to monitor their overall performance in the match using just the skin and no numbers or statistics thanks to this skin bundle.

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