VALORANT’s New Robot Agent Teased during the Summer Game Fest live event

A new potential agent in VALORANT is coming in Episode Three.


During the Summer Game Fest live event, there was a short trailer that showed a robot agent booting up in the background while its head that is laying in the table is activated. There were no further details regarding the robot that was released.

Killjoy took over the official Twitter account of VALORANT and posted cryptic images. First was a selfie at a concert, second was an Alarmbot being disabled with a caption, “Variable removed. Alarmbot down,” which may refer to the new agent’s abilities. Through the short clip, Killjoy is possibly the one who created the robot to help defend Earth-1’s Radianite against mirrored agents.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

This new robot agent will likely have usable daggers or knives that can deactivate other agent’s abilities as its weapon. The Summer Game Fest live event helped confirm that VALORANT fans will get more details about this new agent next month in Episode Three.

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