Valve cancels Dota Pro Circuit but reassures that The International will continue in 2024

The Dota Pro Circuit, or DPC as it is more widely known, will conclude with the 2023 season, according to Valve. The invitation method employed prior to the DPC is anticipated to replace the current system of qualifying for The International.


The Dota Pro Circuit will undergo significant changes following TI12, according to a new blog post from Valve. The development of Dota 2's professional scene was greatly aided by the Pro Circuit, which was initially launched in 2017. It appears that Valve has finally decided to try something fresh after receiving several complaints from professional players about the circuit's format and organizational structure.

Despite the lack of DPC, Valve has stated that there would be a TI in 2024 even though the community has no idea what the future may contain. Before TI12, here is all you need to know about Valve's announcement.

According to Valve, the DPC's main goal was to develop a system that was clearer and more transparent when it comes to selecting teams for TI. The Pro Circuit did succeed in helping with that, but the excitement has definitely subsided. Additionally, the DPC regulations imposed a lengthy and stringent list of prerequisites on organizers that were necessary for every tournament. When it came to the involvement of the players and the audiences, these things did interfere quite a little.


For these reasons, Valve has made a decision that it thinks will lead to a much healthier Dota scene. With DPC over, professional Dota 2 will once more go back to its roots, creating a level playing field for established squads and up-and-coming teams equally.

Although Valve has announced that TI will once again be an invitation-only event, they have not yet revealed the criteria used to make this decision. The blog also states that we shall learn more about the operation of these invitations in 2024 given that work on TI13 has already begun.