Venti Support Guide, a Bard that will blow everyone away! PC PlayStation iOS Android 

With the banner coming to an end and people have been getting him or any other 5-star in said banner, we have to talk about how to use this Anemo character that people have been dying to use, let's talk about Venti, the male (yes, male) bard that contributed big in the prologue chapter of the game.

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Venti is a character that will shake up your roster if you have the proper chips in your team. Being an Anemo character means that you are one step close to the Anemo elemental resonance which gives you less stamina used in exploration, less cooldown in skills which can be very game-breaking since Venti's Elemental Skill is a free wind current that will help you in exploration a lot! With the Traveler being a default Anemo user, you can set up the resonance quickly.

But the bread and butter of Venti is his elemental burst which sucks enemies into a vortex which will deal swirl reaction and damage, but if you want to capitalize on this, get an elemental reaction going in the swirl, a quick Xiangling/Amber/Diluc skill together with a Beidou/Keqing/Fischl will set up a strong overload effect which can be very useful to dispose of enemies quickly.

So, in terms of weapons, the Favonius Warbow is amazing as it gets you more orbs to proc a lot of elemental bursts quickly but you need to rely on crits so it may not be your technique for Venti. The Stringless is a standard since constant damage in the Burst, albeit not strong, can go a long way in the Spiral Abyss and even in the regular PvE matchups.

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In terms of Artifacts, you can never go wrong with elemental mastery or energy recharge, a quick recharge means a high uptime of the Elemental Burst which can really make the game easy for you if the enemy has a low weight, such as basic hilichurls and abyss mages without their pesky shields. The Exile and the Scholar sets are nice 2-piece sets for Venti, while for elemental mastery and power for Elemental Bursts, Noblesse Oblige and Wanderer Troupe's have great effects for both its 2-piece and 4-piece set.

Make sure that his talents regarding his elemental skills and bursts are up if you worry more on the support side but get the normal attacks if you like him to get a little bit more damage.

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People should give supports a bigger look if they do not already. The power of Venti's ultimate or burst is really game-changing that those who missed him might regret not obtaining him. But do not fret. He may return soon. With all that out of the way, join the Genshin Impact Philippines Discussion!