Vespa's Time Defenders Is Now Out And Live In Japan After A Minor Delay In Its Launch

Time Defenders, a new futuristic tactics RPG title, was initially supposed to release on August 24, 2021. But after experiencing a minor delay in its launch, the game is now out and has been officially live since August 26, 2021 on mobile platforms in Japan.


Time Defenders, which was initially introduced back in March, is a next-generation tower defense RPG set in the near future of Tokyo in 2034. It was created by Korean developer, Vespa Inc,. who is behind the development of the well-known mobile RPG, King's Raid. While Time Defenders retains the same anime-style design, the genre is a hybrid of tower defense and role-playing game, which was made popular in the country by Arknights.

Following the completion of their closed beta test earlier this year, a number of changes and improvements have been made to the game in preparation for its release. According to the report from 4gamer, this includes improvements to interface clarity, graphical updates, difficulty adjustments, new end-game content, and a variety of other quality of life enhancements, among other things.


The action of the game takes place in a world that has been devastated by the invasion of "Ordo," an enemy that has emerged from the cracks in time and space. Currently, Time Defenders is the only organization standing up to it. The plot revolves around Narugami's battle, in which he sets out to save his loved ones, but ends up saving the entire world in the process. To stop the invading enemy and defeat bosses, players must employ a variety of strategies and hero skills in conjunction with one another. The game includes a plethora of content, including school life, city construction, and a sports center where you can nurture your characters in addition to battles and stories.

To commemorate the game's launch, players will be able to reroll the first 10x gacha for a total of 30 times in order to obtain the characters of their choice. In addition, the game will feature a 7-day beginner's mission as well as a monthly login bonus campaign that will award a variety of in-game rewards.


More information about Time Defenders in Japan was revealed during the pre-registration period, including the overall storyline and the fact that there are 70 different characters to collect. There will indeed be gacha involved as these characters will serve as the "towers," with each character belonging to a different category and possessing a unique set of abilities. Collaborations with YouTube content creators, presumably VTubers, are in the works as well. Detailed information on how to do so will be provided at a later date.


Time Defenders will be available for download in both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. If you want to learn more information about the game, you can check out their official website and their official Twitter.