Vice Esports official All-Filipino DOTA2 lineup

Guild of Guardians
The roster features a mixture of veterans and fresh faces, headlined by ex-Neon player “Sirc” and former Lowkey Esports player and team captain “LuziFy”. The team is led by Cebuano coach “CTY” and General Manager “Jenish”. It is backed by Ivan Cuevas, former co-owner of LGD.Int and Esports Play Gaming based in Manila.

Vice Esports Full Lineup.png

The Vice Esports Full Lineup:

1. Cris “Sirc” Lachica

The team is led by a formidable carry, well-respected in Dota 1 hailing from Antipolo. He has established himself the nickname “Bagyong Sirc” from his flash farming and explosiveness in-game. He was named 2014 MPGL Rookie of the Year with his first pro-team Infamous. He most recently played for Neon Esports, but has also seen success in teams including Execration, Bren, Arkangel and Skyville.

2. Anton “Bob” Urbina

The youngest player in the team from Quezon City. He was known in Dota 1 3v3 and has played for Sterling Global Dragons in the Nationals era and Bren Esports. Bob is considered a young star in the making and a threat not to be ignored.

3. Michael Roi “Enryu” Ladines

A true underdog in the PH scene, but has the ability to prove himself given the opportunity. He has recently entered the 9K MMR club, with two other accounts in 8K MMR. He is the former Offlane of Neon and Kingpins. Enryu gets his name from his favourite anime manga.

4. Kryte “LuziFy” Gabriel

He is one of the most aspiring captains in the Philippines. He is the former player of Pacific, Neon Esports, Buriram, LowKey Esports and Kingpins. His dedication through the game has made him an impact captain, and we look forward to seeing the leadership he can bring to the team.

5. Ryniel “Zenki” Calvez

A promising player from Cavite, Zenki holds the talent to play any role but now a dedicated position 5. He was known as ‘Big Daddy Zenki’ for his dedication to reviewing and studying the games of Notail, captain of OG. He has played for teams like Sandbox, Miraculum and KingPins.

Coach Chris Ian Francis “CTY” Maldo

He has plenty of experience in the local and international competitive scene, previously coaching teams including Quid Pro Quo, Sterling Global Dragons, Buriram United, MS Chonburi and LGD International. We expect that with his sense of responsibility outside and inside the game and work ethic, that he will bring the very best out of our new squad to bring back classic PH DOTA back into the competitive scene.

Vice Esports.png

Our main goal as a team is to help bring back classic PH DOTA style of play to the competitive scene. We also want to help inspire fans and aspiring players through the humble beginnings of our players, from working in their local computer shops to now being able to compete at the highest level. We want to show that through our games, hard work and dedication to your craft can lead you to a road of success in whatever field or game and to help elevate esports in the Philippines from the grassroots to grab the opportunities the industry presents. In completing the roster, we emphasised recruiting true underdogs in the community, focused on winning as a team as opposed to star power. - Vice Esports