Viral meme “Optimum Pride” turned into a Video Game

Aspiring video game developer Bebo Norman “Bebo Studios” Cipriano turned the hilarious “Optimum Pride” meme into an amusing video game.

optimum pride.png

If you still haven’t caught up with the latest meme, “Optimum Pride” was from a viral video from a man who was talking with his ‘babe’ about a passing truck that looks like the leader of the Autobots from the famous Transformer franchise, Optimus Prime. He mistakenly pronounces Optimus Prime while also imitating its transformation sound.

As the meme garnered attention, Bebo Studios gave his own twist for the viral video and as such, it led to the birth of Transferee: Optimum Pride Rising - The Videogame.

“I have actually always planned [on making] devlogs of my progress in game development since I started learning [how to program]. Because I wanted to further improve my skills, I decided to make a small project that would be fairly easy to do. At that time, the ‘Optimum Pride video’ [went] viral and with that, I just randomly thought, “Wouldn’t that be funny if I turned that into a video game?” And so, I started working on it,” Bebo Studios revealed.

“I didn’t really plan ahead in making the video game version of the meme. I kind of winged it actually. I just started doing it. I first started making pixelated animations because it was really quick to do and for the animations of the ‘Optimum Pride’, I just Googled some sprite sheets of the character and copied it to my game. And then, I started coding the basic movements of the characters such as moving left or right when pressing a certain button, a button to transform, and the interactions between Optimum Pride and the man on the video. The other assets that I’ve put into the game are also copied from the internet so I could just finish it quickly. With all of that put together, I have made Transferee: Optimum Pride Rising – The Videogame,” Bebo Studios continued.

As of now, the video already has seventy-seven thousand reactions and almost 800 thousand views on Facebook. For more interesting videos, follow and like Bebo Studios Facebook page.