Vision Strikers Emerged As Champions In The Latest Epulze Valorant Royal SEA Cup

As Valorant's popularity increases, so will the live streams and official tournaments like this. The latest Valorant Royal SEA Cup was powered by Epulze in partnership with Riot SEA. The participants came from the invited teams and winners of the qualifying matches from different regions. It ended with South Korea's Vision Strikers as the tournament's champions.

Royal SEA Cup.jpg

A total of 16 teams, including the winners of qualifying matches, faced off each other in the Group Stage as they try to prove their worth and win the $25,000 prize pool. This is a SEA Cup and, of course, the Philippines participated! So, let us all congratulate our very own Bren Esports and ANBU Elite Gaming for their wonderful performance.

Although we didn't make it to the top, all of you showed your skills and proudly represented our country. We thank you for your efforts and you can always expect our support in your participation in future Valorant tournaments.

Bren Esports' Valorant.jpg
Bren Esports' Valorant Lineup For Epulze Valorant Royal SEA Cup
ANBU Elite Gaming was part of the Group Stage but wasn't able to proceed to the Playoffs. However, Bren Esports was able to fight their way into the playoffs where they faced off against Thailand's Attack All Around in the first round. They lost in the first round but there was still hope when they fought against Indonesia's MORPH Team in the lower bracket and dominated the with a score of 13-7.

Unfortunately, after losing to Vision Strikers in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, the Attack All Around team faced against Bren Esports and won once again with a score of 13-4. Nevertheless, it's no small feat reaching the semifinals.

Vision Strikers.jpg

Well, to be honest, nobody thought that Thailand's AAA team and South Korea's Vision Strikers will face on both the Semifinals and the Grand Finals of the tournament. In the end, Vision Strikers emerged as victors of the 2nd Ignition Series Championship Title for the Royal SEA Cup. Congratulations, Vision Strikers!

I think we might see these teams fight to top once again in Riot's Valorant First Strike Tournament wherein the grand winners will have the right to call themselves official regional champions. But, who knows? Maybe this time, it's not just Bren Esports and ANBU Elite gaming who will represent our country?

Royal SEA Cup b.png

Again, we give thanks to the representatives of the Philippines, Bren Esports, and ANBU Elite Gaming, and we congratulate all of the participants of the Epulze Valorant Royal SEA Cup for showcasing your skills. May we see more of it in future tournaments. And just like what Sage says - "Stand tall! We are Valorant, we are fighters!"