VIT AGI Lord Knight Build


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Nov 4, 2018
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Guys, need your help on this kind of LK build.

My prefferred stats:
99 vit
Rest agi
Maybe dex around 20-30

For skills:
10 sword mastery
10 provoke
10 hp reco
10 endure

10 sword quicken
10 blade aura
5 bowling bash
5 steel body
5 peco ride
5 cavalry

10 parry
5 vitality
10 headcrush
10 lk aura
5 concentration/focus

I think this can be a tank and the same time grind/afk without pots/foods/buffs.
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Nov 4, 2018
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80vit, rest agi, no dex. use Edge tier2 (or muramasa). cat blessing set. 2 tier 3 fring.
thank you for the comment.

I have already applied this build and it seems OK in tanking and grind/afk. My problem now is the damage since i do not have STR.
95 VIT
55 AGI
no DEX as of the moment

I'm using Edge (no tier),goibne set(except for the shoes),onyx clip, and eddga shield.

Current Gear:
Calamity Set (Head to Toe)
Imperial Guard
Onyx Clip

Target Gear:
Calamity Set (Head to Toe)
Imperial Guard
Holy Avenger
Frozen Rose Ring

This build is a semi-tank with grinding/afk capabilities. You will also need to enchant/refine/strengthen your gears/weapon/accessories to increase your power especially magic defense(mdef) for ET/BH.


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Nov 14, 2018
Las Piñas City
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You can try that build around 80+
if you're lvl 79 below focus on Str 1st regardless if you are sword or spear type.

My recommended stats for leveling
99 str
30 vit
20 Dex (optional)

For Bash Type
Cutlus Sword to Nagan + Bongun Card + Bash Runes
Sp Set and 2 Onyx Clip

Same stats with Piece Type
Pref spear (the one that can be crafted at Morroc)

I will try Agi Luk Knight soon
0 Str
99 Agi
The rest Luk

Im currently focused on my Sniper/Trapper.

Appreciate if any Pro Knights here could share their build. =)