Vote with Your Wallet: Preorders

As of this day and age, some games are not living up to the expectations of the people that play it. Some games have shown subpar results while others just create false advertisements in their marketing leading up to the disappointment of many and annoyance of the player base. Today we will discussing on how to vote with your wallet to let the game developers know what your thoughts as a customer of their products. Let's discuss preorders.

First things first, what is a "preorder". A preorder is basically a reservation of a game that has not been launched. Making sure that you have the game either in physical or digital media as soon as the game begins shipping. Some preorders contain bonus content and merchandise that are exclusive in the package of the game. Now that it is tackled, let's talk about why people preorder. Aside from the bonuses it contain, some people would like to have the game when it launched immediately, these people are usually the fans of the franchise and followers of a game company. Hype factor can also be considered as a reason why people preorder, if they see an awesome clip or a promise of a certain game that they have been craving to experience, there are high chances that they will preorder. Finally, this is exclusive for those who preorder in physical copy, to avoid being able to acquire a physical stock before it runs out. This ensures you have a physical copy before others. Some people like obtaining physical copy because it means that you will be able to keep the copy than the digital version which you may lose should unwanted circumstances happen.

Now that the details of preordering have been discussed it's time to talk about the pros and cons of doing so. First pro would be being ahead of everyone in the progression of the game, therefore no spoilers can hurt you, you can discover secrets and easter eggs because you played it earlier because you preordered. Second, for online games, you can have the best names because you are one of the first players of the game, getting ahead of those who can think of the same name that you have thought of. Finally, you can get the bonuses from the preorders, you have exclusive gear whether physical or online to show the world that you supported the game and the company that you stand by them.

For the cons, you might get a version of the game that is not fully polished. There are a lot of games right now that have released early but has shown to be subpar or false to what they promised. Sometimes they lack features and contains bugs, glitches that might disrupt your gameplay, causing you to wait for a bit for a fix when the issue has been noticed. Another con would be determinant for the first disadvantage, your purchase may not be worth it if you deemed the product a disappointment and not in your standards. This will lead you to possibly refund your game, however, some might have a hard time to do so as they have preorder it, it might have special stipulations on how it works. Finally, the game companies might be complacent if you preorder in huge numbers, you will buy whatever you think they might buy leading them to create more subpar games because of the way of thinking they have concurred because of the sales numbers. At the end of the day, game making is a business which sales will dictate if they continue their course or not.

Judging from those pros and cons, what would be the best option if you are a Filipino. Basically, Filipinos in the average salary would have a hard time keeping up with all the games coming in this year of 2020. Preorders would cost $60 or more depending on the package that they will add. So that would be P3000 already. If you are paying rent, water, electricity, cable and internet bills, you may have a hard time in managing to preorder something and then what, be disappointed at the game's outcome. It is not advisable especially with the issues and debacles that a lot of games are already facing right now. Gamers today are vigilant to check and wait for those who will remain preordering or critics before buying the game. This will ensure that their fears are removed and the game is in stellar condition.

Additional to the fact that the projected sales of their company would be reduced if a lot don't preorder, they will think that people are expecting better results than last time. Resulting to a better produced game which is beneficial to everyone.

I am not saying that you should stop preordering in order to send a message to the game companies, if the game is good and the company has delivered stellar works, if you have the money to buy it, then do so and support the game! Otherwise, if you are unsure and you have seen shady things happen in the past, VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET. Avoid preorders until the reviews are in.