Warhammer 40,000: The Space Marines Await You In This New Warhammer Mobile Strategy Game iOS Android 

Greetings, Commander! The famous heroes and troops of Warhammer 40k await your orders! Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade is a new officially licensed Warhammer title according to Nuverse, one of ByteDance's game studio. I didn't know that TikTok's developers are into game creation too. I'll give you an honest review to give you a rough idea if you're still trying to decide on playing the game. So, there's no need to wait. Let's go!

Just looking at those massive flying spaceships reminds me of my old days with Starcraft's Battlecruisers. But, let's focus on our new game here. Before anything else, let me clarify the difference between Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade by Nuverse and Orca Game's version. Is there any difference tho?

Actually, there's not. It's like an exact copy-paste of Orca Game's release last year except for the fact that they're a different set of developers from Nuverse. I don't exactly know what's happening here. Both versions are available in the store, but I guess playing the Nuverse's version is much safer since it's the latest. Let's not create any conspiracy theory here and let's focus on what the game has to offer.

They've adapted one of the leading mobile game genres of all time - building strategy. You already know this. The usual train-command-build-upgrade-defend-raid routine that we used to love from Clash of Clans and dozens of other more mobile games out there. Adapting doesn't mean that it's not enjoyable tho. There are still some good points about Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade tho.

First, the fact that it's a Warhammer skin. If you're a fan of the Warhammer universe, then maybe you'll appreciate seeing familiar troops, heroes, and buildings of the Primaris Space Marines. And since you're the great commander, you have the power to take command of EVERYTHING. And if you're not a fan of the great toxic war of PVP, then this game might be good for you.

This game offers a lot of PVE content rather than PVP. The design is decent, enough to suit the strategy genre and the small mobile screens. The tier upgrades of the troops look good but may not be enough to impress the fans. And since building strategy games highly rely on resources, another strong point of this game is that in-game resources aren't that hard to gather. It takes time, effort, and patience. But, that's a strategy game for you, right?

For every good point of the game, there's an equivalent bad point tho. Despite the good amount of PVE content, you might need luck and extreme patience to enjoy the game. If you don't have them, then you might not be surprised at what kind of solution they offer - MICROTRANSACTIONS. In every online game, especially this kind of game, you'll eventually hit some sort of paywall in order to advance smoothly.

If microtransactions and paywall aren't enough for you yet, then the last thing that will kill your interest is boredom. Upgrades will cost you a real running time of your life, that's the rule of base building games. I've been playing it for about 2 days only and the feeling of playing it like a chore is already killing me. Even the cute Dreadnoughts weren't able to save my attention. So, if I'm going to personally rate it, I'll give it a balanced score of 5/10.

But, again, my experience doesn't reflect every player's experience. If you really are into this kind of genre and title, then you may find the game enjoyable. The game is now available in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia.

All the images and content used are properties of Nuverse. The game is available for both Android and iOS. You may find the links down below. You may also check out their main site to view some more game details and news.
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