Wars of Prasia is a newly launched MMORPG available for PC and mobile devices

Nexon has officially launched its new MMORPG, Wars of Prasia, in Korea which is available in both PC and mobile devices in the region. In the game, players will be offered a unique experience as Wars of Prasia disrupts the rules of traditional MMORPGs. The vast seamless world of the game will offer players unusual individual freedom.

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There are a total of 80 servers that players can choose from. They can join any association, own territory, and manage it with others. As there are 21 territories in the massive siege map, players are free to explore, raid, and hunt monsters since a single guild cannot monopolize multiple territories. Add to that, each territory has its unique hunting grounds, boss difficulty, and siege weapons.

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Each class of the game has three different fighting styles called postures, which can be changed in real-time. The four classes of the game are gender-neutral which are Illusion Swordsman, Caster, Archer, and Executioner. To emphasize the dynamics of battles, players can use mobility abilities and reaction abilities.

Illusion Swordsman








A unique hunting system is also featured in the game as there are various hunting grounds with different difficulty levels that players can go into. With this, players, who are in different levels, will be able to enjoy the game in various ways as each has their own preferences. Complete faction-related stories and missions to receive rewards such as powerful equipment and contracts with followers.

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Alliances are also an essential part of the game because it serves as a way for players to shape their own stories. Craft siege weapons like cannons, catapults, and bridge carts to get an upper hand in battles or summon the alliance’s guardian deity, Santotem. Also, a support mode that allows characters to act even after the client is closed is one of the features of the game. Through this, players can still receive important notifications about the game’s automatic progress.