WarZ re-Brands to aftermath w Free serial code


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Mar 16, 2015
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Three weeks ago we announced the development of Romero’s Aftermath – the spiritual successor to Infestation Survivors Stories available to all ISS players for FREE. Since the beginning of Closed Alpha Test over 100,000 players have joined to help us fine tune the game and provide important feedback about features allowing us to create the ultimate zombie survival sandbox experience you've always wanted. Not all our ideas survived the testing, and some of the features we added to the game came directly from player feedback.

Today we want to announce the next step in Aftermath’s development – we’ve successfully passed our initial balancing and stability testing phases and are proud to announce that we’re not planning on wiping new characters and accounts going forward. Loot is yours to keep! We also removed any restriction on the FREE account registration for ISS players – from now on if you have a valid not banned account in ISS you can join and play Romero’s Aftermath for free. Your ISS account will not be affected by this, so you can continue to enjoy access to both games.

To further promote the concept of “Open Doors Development” we’ve established a special forum section where players can post their ideas and vote on other player ideas effectively creating a development plan for the players, by the players.

This new novel way of developing games is something we want to embrace for Romero’s Aftermath. Our goal is to develop many aspects of the game entirely based on player ideas and feedback. This ensures that our players are as involved in a success of the game as we are. For example we had a lot of player feedback on how PVE and PVP mechanics should work in the game and thus replaced “hardcore” game mode with “Action zone” – A mode for PVP specific game modes and maps. "Action Zone" uses separate characters not transferable into the survival experience. We’re working right now on two initial gameplay rule sets for the Action zone – Last Man Standing ( aka hunger games or battle royale type of gameplay ) as well as “zombie waves” co-op action packed survival mode.

From now until April 24th we’re offering you a special multiuse registration key that gives your friends a free account in Aftermath – so even if they do not have an ISS account – they still can play the game with you. This is not a trial or limited account – this key is valid for fully functional account registration.

1) Download and install game client at www.willyousurvive.com/download
2) Launch game
3) When prompted for serial code at account registration page enter following code



New Anticheat Engine.
We’ve added a completely new anticheat engine that is being constantly developed and updated specially for us by a team of game security professionals. As new Aftermath cheats appear, dedicated team will analyze them and come up with solutions to curb cheating. This engine is working together alongside with improved version of FairFight to make sure that your game experience will not be tarnished.

Extensive Character Customization.
Dress your character your way. Hundreds of customization items that are permanent and do not drop on death ( meaning your investment in character looks is safe ). Hats, helmets, face masks, eyeglasses, pants, jackets and t-shits – use your imagination to create truly unique looking characters.

New Monetization.
FREE TO WIN. We've replaced in game monetization found in ISS with new economy that is based on selling only cosmetic items for characters and unique rare gun skins.

Open world building and land ownership.
Stake your flag in the ground and claim an area as your own. Both you and friends can contribute resources and construct the ultimate fort where you can stash your items, respawn, let your friends respawn and set up gardens and necessary survival structures. Once your fort is constructed, protect it with bear traps, land mines, spike traps and other dangerous barricades and traps to keep the bad guys out!

Robust Crafting System.
Break down generic materials found in the world to craft items you need on demand, no crafting bench required. Once a recipe is learned on a character it is PERMANENT. Craft anything from guns, melee weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, armor, survival shacks, sleeping bags, PVP barricades and a gardens to aid you in your survival experience.

Permanent Weapon Skins.
Many weapons in the game both melee and ranged have unique skins available for them that once acquired are permanent and can never be lost or stolen. Applying a skin to a weapon is as easy as bringing up the weapon customization menu and clicking the skin you want to use.

New Ammo Types.
Allowing players to use both factory new ammunition looted in the world as well as craft your own slightly weaker ammunition. Crafted ammo is more conveniently acquired and might take less time to assemble than scavenging factory new ammo.

New Respawn System.
Upon death players no longer have to leave the server in order to respawn. We now offer 5 different respawn options depending on character status. Proximity respawn, Group respawn, Base respawn, Sleeping bag respawn and safezone respawn.

Come play Aftermath now and let's develop the game together!