Warzone Mobile Launch issues, Games can cause ED? Resident Evil 5 is Racist? Steam Family Sharing, Gariath Concepts Payments, and more

Guild of Guardians
In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about the Spin PH expose on Gariath Concepts delayed payments, Rainbow 6 Mobile Delay, New Green Screen Twitch Meta, IGN Saying Resident Evil 5 a Racist, League of Legends MMO delayed, Warzone Mobile Launch issues, Steam Family Sharing, and New York post article saying games can cause ED.


Spin PH Gariath Concepts
Remember last time we discussed that Gariath Concepts has some allegedly payment issues from their previous events? Well, Spin.ph has dropped an article exposing them further. Something to note is there is no author in the article only saying SPIN.PH STAFF probably for legal reasons.

Here are the issues according to the Spin.ph article. So apparently the issue also happened on the LOL Empyrean Cup which took place on ESGS 2023. The spin.ph article also mentions there were payments that go way back from ESGS 2022. There are screenshots shown on the article so feel free to check.

There's more, coz apparently according to the Spin.ph article Gariath Concepts is also involved in Rev Major 2023 and there is an issue regarding prize pool money. In one of the social media posts its stated that Rev Major 2023 payment is out however the math doesn't add up with transparency issues.

The Spin.ph article also mentions that since Jan 2024 multiple sources have told them they contacted Gariath Concepts finance department. Here are the source's details, One source say they never got back to them. Another source even revealed that the people involved from within have already left the company "Kahit mga former heads namin sa event nag-followup sa finance but wala pa rin po nangyari. Ending nag-resign sila and lumipat sa ibang company."

It came to the point that Riot Games had to address the issue so Riot Games is also following on behalf of the sources. someone commented that even international players, who traveled all the way to the Philippines, were also affected

The Spin.ph article closed by saying Gariath has no money because apparently, a former employee of Gariath has voiced out to SPIN.ph this month regarding updates. A screenshot, which seems to be a private email from Gariath's sister company, Mineski Global Inc., was revealed, stating: "Gariath Concepts has no money… We were updated with this arrangement this afternoon."

How deep is this rabbit hole?

Warzone Mobile Launch Issue
The launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has indeed been met with a mix of anticipation and criticism. Players have reported several issues, including dissatisfaction with the graphics, which some say are not up to par with other games of smaller file sizes. Official sources and competitors have also commented on the game's visual quality. Additionally, technical problems such as unsupported GPU errors, particularly when using emulators, have been a point of contention. Overheating and battery drain are significant concerns, with reports of devices reaching high temperatures during gameplay, suggesting potential optimization issues. Matchmaking and server connectivity have also been problematic, causing frustration among players attempting to log in and play. These issues have been widely discussed across social media and gaming forums, reflecting a challenging start for the game despite its high expectations. It's important to note that such launch issues can be addressed through updates, and developers often work to resolve them post-release. However, the initial player feedback highlights the importance of thorough testing and optimization to ensure a smooth gaming experience on various devices.

Rainbow Six Mobile Delayed
Ubisoft's decision to pause the rollout of Rainbow Six Mobile in new territories reflects a commitment to quality and player satisfaction. By focusing on enhancing key elements and creating new content based on community feedback, they aim to optimize the game for high performance and graphics. This includes addressing server performance, bugs, and connection issues. While this may suggest a potential delay in the official release, those within the soft launch countries can continue to enjoy the game, ensuring that when Rainbow Six Mobile is fully launched, it will offer the best possible experience on mobile platforms.

IGN Says Resident Evil 5 is Racist
Last week we laughed at the Western journalist asking why there are no black people on the historical Japanese show Shogun. Then several days after IGN posted a video on why Resident Evil 5 can't have a remake they raised an interesting point until the 4-minute mark. Apparently, the problem with RE5 is racism against black people. To give you context the game is set in West Africa so they are ignoring the Uroboros virus as a technicality.

They kept digging even saying Resident Evil 5 positions Africa as the ‘Dark Continent’. They also added it's an uncivilized world that needs gunning down via Western intervention. Do you know who is on the cover of RE5 the partner of Chris Redfield? Sheva Alomar a native African operative

If we go by the IGN logic everything is about racism, So Far Cry 3 and 6 is racist (pacific and Cuba), Tomb Raider is racist (Aztek and Mexico), Max Payne 3 (Brazil), and many more. But what are your thoughts about the Western journalist? do they have a point or just race-baiting at this point?

New Twitch Green Screen Meta
To celebrate Women's History Month a new meta has been circulating, did you guys know about this? Sando gang can't even compete. So basically you wear green underwear. Then use it as a green screen to show your gameplay on your rear, I actually saw one in the bra part also. So yeah I guess you will go viral with this method, so far I've seen 3 creators doing this will you do it? for the views?

League of Legends MMO Delayed
The development of the highly anticipated League of Legends MMO has taken a significant turn. Marc Merrill, Riot Games co-founder, announced a reset in the project's direction to ensure the game stands out in the crowded MMO market. This decision aligns with Riot's commitment to delivering a unique experience that exceeds fan expectations and pushes the boundaries of the genre. The team, led by new executive producer Fabrice Condominas, will now embark on a silent phase of development, focusing on innovation and evolution, which may extend for several years. Fans may need to be patient, as this means updates on the project will be scarce, but the promise of a groundbreaking MMO experience remains the ultimate goal.

The New York Post says Video Games can cause ED
According to New York Post playing computer games can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, Is this true? How long have they been playing what do you think that author could have been playing to write such an article? Can you check if this is true? Coz I'm pretty sure we can fact-check like right now.

Just so you know New York Post also posted an article saying people who identify as ‘gamers’ are more likely to be racist and sexist.

According to the article this is based on a study published in the journal “Andrology”, So must be legit right? Wrong I've read the study there is not a single word about gaming or video games. But you know what the study pointed out, leisure sedentary behaviors, this means television watching, computer use, and driving you know things you do sitting down.

The study that the New York Post says “Playing computer games can increase risk of erectile dysfunction” used a method called Mendelian randomization analyses an analytical method that uses genetic variants as variables, so it's genetic? Going back to the article by the New York Post, they claim the study sampled 220k men aged from 40 to 69. If that's the age I'm pretty sure video games are the problem.

Finally the debunking factor, the study came from a Chinese study. Has been openly discouraging people from playing games so you can see the bias here, or the New York Post writer is just making an excuse to his wife or something. But we want to return the question to the viewers, do you think this is true?
Does gaming lead to ED?

Steam Family
Did you ever try to use the Steam Family Sharing? Well, now Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View are replaced by Steam Family. Basically giving you a single location to manage games your family can access and play.

How does it work? So similar to Google Family Link or Microsoft family safety you first need to create a family before sharing game access. Note not a real family just a family under steam.

This where you set who are the adults and children In total you can have 6 family members with one year cool down. Note that children cannot leave the family and must be removed by the adult. This new 'family library' will appear in the left column as a subsection of your games list.

What games are shared? By joining a family, all games are automatically shared with the other members of your family. Adult accounts can use parental controls to limit which games each child in the Family can access. Basically, Family Sharing enables you to play games from other family members' libraries, even if they are online playing another game. If a family member plays your games they will have their own save. Note that if you would like to play at the same time the family member will need to purchase a copy of the game.

Warning on Family sharing, If a family member gets banned for cheating while playing your copy of a game, you (the game owner) will also be banned from that game. Other family members are not impacted.

Other Features, Steam Families includes new parental controls that allow parents to set limits on what and when children play games on Steam. Steam Families introduces a new payment option where a child account can request an in-family adult to pay for their shopping cart.

Is it available? To test the new Steam Families feature, you will need to have opted into the Steam Family Beta. Then any family members you invite will also need to join the beta. The adult can approve and pay for the purchase from their mobile device or email. Once approved, all games from the shopping cart will be added to the child's account.

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