Warzone Mobile Season 3 will introduce new battle royale modes, a new map, and more additional features

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Season 3 is about to roll out with several new contents to look for, including a new map, two battle royale modes, and more additional features.


This season 3, a daily log calendar will begin, whereas free in-game rewards can be obtained daily after logging in, even without having a match yet. Rewards may include skins and blueprints, but note that all rewards may expire if they remain unclaimed for a specific period of time.

The 6x6 multiplayer Rust Map of Modern Warfare II is coming to Warzone Mobile. It is a small-sized map set in a deserted oil yard with a bunch of pipes, fuel, shipping containers, and more platforms that offers a close cover for combat and positioning.


Warzone Mobile will be introducing two new battle royale codes, the Buy Back and the Plunder Mode. The Buy Back will be the twisted version of Battle Royale in Verdansk, where the rules are the same except the gulag is out of commission. Meaning, if you get taken out by an enemy, you will have only one chance to respawn; the same is true for duos, trios, and quads.

Meanwhile, the plunder mode will bring a different yet simple condition to win the match. You and your teammates will be deployed with a selected loadout and must be the top-earning squad when time concludes to win. It can be done by battling against the enemy, looting cash from the map, and completing contracts.

Remember that in plunder mode, there will be a three-minute overtime after reaching the cash threshold, which doubles the cash values. Respawn is also enabled in this mode, so rally your teammates and be the first to earn $2 million in in-game cash.

Additionally, a new feature will be arriving in Warzone Mobile: the UAV Towers feature. These towers form a network that reveals the position of the nearby enemies and can be viewed on your Tac Map. But note that activating the tower makes a sound, so be strategic and alert.

From the launch of Season 3 until mid-season, there will be exciting updates and new contents for Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Warzone Mobile is also expected to have weekly events, offering a variety of obtainable in-game items. Each event will introduce The Keep, a new feature that will provide an optional and easy method to acquire more items by using CP (COD Points).

Warzone Mobile Season 3 is scheduled to roll out on April 3, and along with the update, there might be a few bug fixes and some issues addressed, so watch out.