Warzone Mobile version 3.3.5 update improves graphics and performance but new issues have emerged

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has recently received an update version 3.3.5 for performance improvement and to address several issues within the game; however, new issues seem to emerge after the update.


The update fixed an issue where some devices with Mali GPUs have poor image quality due to lower graphic settings. The texture quality has now been improved, and the blurry textures are reduced among Android devices for better visual quality.

The developers also fixed the problem with Adreno 650s, whereas players experienced higher-quality content than their devices managed, causing issues with the gameplay performance. Crashes and visual distortions caused by some corrupted shaders were resolved as well.

Additionally, the developers have implemented memory improvements to geometry buffers. It aims to enhance the performance of the game across various devices.

While the update brings several improvements to the game, there are still some game issues that have not been fixed, like the overheating issue. The update resolved an issue where some devices would detect incorrect FPS settings, but it resulted in overheating, though it was less than before.

The issues regarding the FPS seem to have not yet been fully addressed. It is because, although the FPS has become more consistent and the game feels smoother than before, it still fluctuates in later parts of the game.

Several bugs have also been fixed, including the bug where unsupported devices could load the game, as well as the iPhone 15 users who have encountered some issues with UAVs that are not working properly.

Furthermore, the developers have implemented a few adjustments and improvements to the prices at shopping stations and to the early return process. It is to prevent players from joining the lobby that is about to close.

While Activision is quick to address the reported issues with the game, Warzone Mobile is still far from perfection. It still needs further improvements, particularly with the performance, as the interest level in the game is reportedly decreasing significantly.

Warzone Mobile is scheduled to have a major update on April 3, and this time, it might address the remaining issues with the game.