WASD and Plus Attack Issue, RoS Login Problem Fix, Gnome More War, RoX and Vega Squadron Warnings


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about WASD Plus Attack seven digit prize pool not being awarded to the participants, Rules of Survival Login bug, Vaevictis Esports vs Team ROX and Vega Squadron, Guinevere Hero Breakdown, RIP Heroes of Newerth, PUBG Lite Changes and finally Gnome More War

WASD Plus Attack
  • In the recent FPS event in the Philippines,
  • WASD speaks out regarding the controversy with Plus Attack regarding the seven digit prize pool not being awarded to the participants
  • but before that let's talk about when this started
  • So first the the event Plus Attack 2018 last november was met with disappointments as the event itself was poorly managed
  • The ticket prices for the event are 250php pesos per day with a 3 day pass of 600php which was held in the cuneta astrodome
  • then if you you watch the video footage of the event there are a lot of empty seats
  • nako mukang nilngaw
  • here is the initial response of WASD
  • "In the wake of Plus Attack 2018, it’s no secret that there are those disappointed in our event, and in those tasked with bringing the dream of Plus Attack to life. Mistakes were made and there is room for improvement”
  • WASD also added that their role in the Plus attack was not to produce the event as they are only intended as the tournament runners.
  • So basically overseeing the the lan final and providing talents for the event
  • They also mentioned that they are not responsible for the overall production and financing of the event
  • then finally a few days ago WASD shared their official statement
  • as apparently the event was a collaboration of 3 diff companies FXZ and SXZ included
  • this are two productions companies according to WASD
  • to make things worsted one day before the event started WASD learned that FXZ and SXZ breached their obligations and the collective agreement as they are even unable to secure an internet provider for the event
  • they also mentioned that they failed to pay expenses for player lodging, staff, production, crew and the event venue
  • jusko po
  • WASD also mentioned they have advanced all the expenses that was mentioned a while ago with the assurance that FXZ and SXZ will pay the amounts back
  • and as of Feb 16 the production companies have not yet paid even the prizes for winners which was supposed to be 7 digits
  • Then finally WASD iterated that they are not liable for these amounts most especially the tournament prizes and again they are not involved in the event finances
  • as for the parties contracted by WASD according to them they will resolve them
  • To sum this is up perfectly a comment from the statement by Mig Sevilla says it all “Di namin 'to kasalanan, sila SXZ and FXZ yung habulin niyo."
  • So there you have it what do you think sino and dapat sisihin let us know in the comments!

Rules of Survival Login bug

  • In a recent update Rules of Survival for PC had login issues
  • according to the developers “steam server is under urgent fixed. We will try to finish it as soon as possible”
  • the main problem is users can't login to the game however dont worry as there is a temporary solution
  • For PC players not using steam you can go to the game files of RoS
  • this depends where you install the game
  • then you have to find this two files
  • NtUniSdkSteam.dll and NtUniSdkSteam.dll.bak
  • after locating this files make sure to delete them, be carefully not to delete other files
  • then try to relaunch the game again
  • For stream users
  • you will need to manually patch the game
  • first locate the game installation folder then download the NtUniSdkSteam.dll this around 1.9 mb
  • then paste in the installation folder this should fix the login issues for PC users
  • this are the temporary fix that developers shared so hopefully when this video is released that problems are fixed
  • also we have a community event for RoS PC asia every friday
  • and we will give away diamonds so if you are interested just visit our facebook!

Team ROX and Vega Squadron

  • esports naman tayo
  • in a recent league of legends event the continental administration has confirmed that team Rox and Vega Squadron players have committed a breach in the continentals leagues official rules and summoner's code
  • this actions are towards the all female russian lol team Vaevictis Esports
  • So what are this offenses?
  • Well for Team Rox apparently the team banned 5 support champions during the pic and ban process
  • which is technically against the rules the lol community and riot games took it as a sign of disrespect against the Vaevictis esports team
  • this violation now falls under discrimination and denigration
  • while vega squadrons intentionally stretched out the match against Vaevictis Esports which was determined as unsportsmanlike behavior
  • So in a Riot statement hey said the following
  • “Riot Games considers gender discrimination—and any other kind or discrimination—completely unacceptable, and expects no less from all players of the LCL who are to demonstrate competitive integrity and respect towards their opponents. “
  • they also added
  • “ROX and Vega Squadron’s egregious behavior violated the guiding regulations of LCL, as well as paragraph nine of the Summoner’s Code.”
  • Riot games also issues warnings to Rox and Vega squadron which means if they repeat the infractions there will be a more severe case


  • Due to community feedbacks here are the new changes for PUBG Lite
  • Because the game is free to play hackers and cheaters are not avoidable so the devs are introducing a new reporting system
  • where you can report suspicious users
  • then because of trolls pubg lite will now prevent team kill
  • so it's no longer possible to kill with a weapon or melee
  • The devs are also adding an FOV setting from 80 ti 103 so you wont get dizzy
  • then for the other small changes the game will have update for the sound system, auto fire and finally an auto reload

  • Remember HoN?
  • In a recent turn of of events League of Legends competitor Heroes of Newerth will stop its major update
  • the final patch will be 4.7.3 which will bring majors changes for the game
  • and the the only updates the game will be receive are just bug fixes
  • Does this mean RIP HoN? hopefully not or maybe they will release a mobile version
  • anyways who knows
  • To those who dont remember HoN one of the first MOBA games with its beta release almost in the same time of League of Legends
  • Initially the was a pay to play game then became a free to play in 2011
  • believe it or not HoN and LoL are actually toe to toe before Dota 2 entered the MOBA scene
  • then they became number 3
  • but the main question is who still remembers Heroes of Newerth or who still plays this game?

Guinevere Hero Breakdown

  • Mobile Legends dropped its new fighter slash mage hero - Ms. Violet Guinevere
  • so now let's discuss here lore, skills and abilities
  • Guinevere is the princess of the Baroque one of the nobles in the Land of Dawn
  • she can combine mental perception and super energy to create anti gravity magic
  • For her first skill is the energy wave
  • where she sends and energy wave on a designated direction
  • this ability will also slow down the enemy by 70% while her skill cooldowns are reduced
  • next ability is the Magic Thump
  • so in this ability she will as the name suggest thump on a designated area which will knockback enemies
  • then shortly after this whe will obtain new skill spatial migration
  • where Guinevere blinks in a designated direction leaving a magical image and disappearing briefly
  • so parang kage bunshin no jutsu
  • also when the image takes damage it will deal magic damage to the attackers and restores the super magic of Guinevere
  • then for her super ability called Violated Requiem
  • Guinevere will completely release here super magic dealing magic damage to nearby enemies within 2 seconds
  • if the enemy got knock back they will have an additional knock up effect
  • So those are the skills and abilities of Ms. Violet Guinevere what do you think?
  • bibilin nyo ba?

Gnome More War

  • Now lets to Indie Gaming Scene because a one man team pinoy developer Hobbie Games recently released a mobile game called Gnome More War
  • The game is an action, shooter and castle defense
  • According to the Filipino developer Lorie Jay Guitierez, Gnome More War was inspired by his childhood NES games like Pooyan
  • In Gnome More War the objective is to prevent gnomes from getting through and stealing stuff from barn
  • So if you are interested the game is out now on Android in the Philippines and a global release to follow in a few weeks

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