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  1. xero

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    Team: OVD

    WASD CS:GO Team, an e-sports team, compromised mainly of local players from San Fernando City of La Union.

    BootCamp Area @BOGART Gaming

    Live Stream: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

    WASD Live Stream starts later at 8PM.

    Only 10 Teams will be accepted.
    To join; contact me directly on discord with your Team Name. I will be accepting your application starting 7PM.

    Showcase your skills! JOIN THE STREAM!
    youtubegaming link : https://www.youtube.com/user/DracsOVD/live
    twitch.tv link : twitch.tv/wasdservers
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  2. noob

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    No offense sir pero toxic community nila sobra trashtalk and biased mga mod, its not friendly sa mga new players.

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