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Oct 30, 2014
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Say hi to PinoyGamer's Player One Xyla Rosas A.K.A "Qop"

Xyla is From Paniqui , Tarlac Philippines and is 19 years old who likes to play Dota 2 and clash of clans. She is a positive thinker when she is playing an strategic games so be careful guys an optimist isn't someone to mess with!

We asked her several questions to get to know her more! See her answers below.

Why are you playing online games?
To have fun at kapag boring ako

As a female gamer what is your primary objective?
happiness and enjoyment

How does gaming affect your daily life?
Minsan kasi pag nakaupo kana sa computer at un mga iba mong dapat gawin di muna nagagawa so time ang naapektohan.

What does playing games/online games benefit you?
kapag nabobored ka pwede kang mag laro para sumaya habang nag aantay ng oras.

Who is your favorite team in Dota 2?
team secret?

How about your favorite character in Dota 2?
Sila Riki, Qop, Phantom lancer, sniper, sven ,traxex at madami pang iba madalas kase random pick ako eh.

And Lastly who is here favorite Dota 2 player?
Si Dendi!

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Thank you to Xyla aka Qop for participating on our Player One segment and for lending her time with us. So what do you think Pinoy Gamers? how did she fare to our questions post your replies below ask your own question who knows Qop might drop and reply!

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(image source: from her facebook account)

This wraps it up for our very first Player One Segment! Know any gamer? Pro or Casual? as long as they are playing games! message us on our FB page and you might be the next Player One!
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