Weapon Enhancement, Character Growth, and more introduced at Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis September Campaign

A captivating and sophisticated fusion of turn-based, strategic, and real-time action combat is provided by the mobile RPG Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. The game was created by Applibot and Square Enix and is set in the well-known Final Fantasy VII universe.


To enhance the gaming experience, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis includes the September Campaign Calendar, an incredible tool for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis players. The calendar is a guide to a variety of impending occasions that will offer players beneficial chances to strengthen their position in the game and acquire thrilling rewards.

Weapon Enhancement Boost Campaign​

(September 10 at 7:00 to September 17 at 6:59 PDT)​


It's the perfect moment to put money and effort into enhancing weapon characteristics, increasing combat effectiveness, and concentrating on making your weapons more powerful. This event emphasizes improving weapons and offers many advantages. Players now have a 20% better chance of having great success when augmenting their weapons thanks to the increased weapon enhancement excellent success rate. Additionally, the 20% boost in Weapon Enhancement Quest Rewards provides players with more important resources and goods.

Character Growth Boost Campaign​

September 17 at 7:00 to September 24 at 6:59 PDT​


It's the ideal moment to devote time and resources to character levels, maximizing their potential, and putting together a strong party composition. Character development is a key component of this event, allowing players to fortify and enhance their personas. Characters can level up more quickly and accumulate more experience points during growth missions thanks to an increase in the experience gain from character growth quests of 20%. Additionally, Character Growth Quest Rewards are increased by 20%, giving players more rewards and advantages for the development of their characters.

Material Boost Campaign​

September 24 at 7:00 to October 1 at 6:59 PDT​


The focus of the Material Campaign Boost event is on gathering and enhancing materials, which are essential for expanding team utility and equipment. The emphasis of this event is on material improvement, assisting players in acquiring beneficial resources and increasing their equipment. There is a 20% larger possibility of having wonderful success while improving materials thanks to the increase in the material enhancement excellent success rate. Additionally, the prizes for completing material synthesis tasks have increased by 20%, giving players extra awards and equipment.

The upcoming September Campaigns in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis aim to give players interesting possibilities to improve their gaming experience. These activities include a range of game mechanics, from weapon improvement to character development and resource gathering.

These campaigns offer a well-rounded gaming experience, encouraging players to strategize, level up their characters, and gather valuable resources to strengthen their teams. With boosted success rates and increased rewards, players can look forward to a more rewarding journey in the world of Final Fantasy VII.