Weapons of War Quiz Bee Event PC 

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Jul 14, 2018
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Weapons of War Quiz Bee Event Schedule
July 04 to 25 2018, Every Wednesday 3 PM onwards on Seven Dragons and Divine Phoenix Server

Event Mechanics
  1. All Weapons of War (WoW) Players are eligible to join. No level requirements are needed
  2. GM's will post/announce the question one by one in-game
  3. The first ten (10) players who can provide the correct answer via world chat will win
  4. There will be 5 questions per server
  • Mega Flare Buff (7 Days)
  • Lesser Elemental Elixir (3 Days)
  • Elements Pentagram (7 Days)
  • Heaven Light Dragon Lotto
  • Common Gold Bag
Note: Mechanics may change without prior notice for more questions post in the reply section.