Weapons of War The Retaliation Event PC 


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Jul 14, 2018
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Weapons of War The Retaliation Event Schedule
June 06 to June 27, 2018, every Wednesday from 3 PM for both servers

  1. All level 60 and up are eligible to join
  2. The GM team will summon a boss and will appear around the map (different area per boss and a maximum of 4 bosses per server)
  3. The GM team will announce the location of each boss, the players need to find and kill them
  4. A time limit of thirty (30) minutes will be given to kill all the bosses
  5. The server will the fastest time to kill the world boss will win
  6. If both servers have the same time, both servers will win the event
  7. IF bot servers fail to kill the bosses within the given 30 minutes duration, both servers will lose the event
  8. After the event, the GM will summon an NPC based on the outcome of the event, the Demigods NPC will summon at the Stone City (coordinates: 287 ~ 470) and the modified EXP, Energy and Item Drop Rate will be activated
Prizes for Winning Server
  • x2 pieces of Treasure Hunt Box
  • x3 Modified EXP
  • Energy and Item Drop Rate
Losing Server Prizes
  • x1 Piece Treasure Hunt Box
  • x2 Modified EXP
  • Energy and Item Drop Rate
Note: Mechanics and schedule may change without prior notice

[Event] The Retaliation - Every Wednesday (June 06, 2018 - June 27, 2018)

It's time for another boss retaliation starting this Wednesday at 3:00PM both Seven Dragons and Divine Phoenix.

Note: Exp and energy loss upon death are still applied during the event. Make sure you have Jackstraw/Phoenix Jackstraw in order to avoid Exp/Energy deduction.