Webzen Announces New MMORPG MU Archangel For Mobile

Webzen started the development of a brand new MMORPG called MU Archangel for Android and iOS and will become an addition to the growing roster of games under the MU franchised.

According to the announcement made by Webzen, MU Archangel is a project that will deliver PC quality games for mobile platform and they are also planning for a multi-platform feature specifically for this game. Other than these, the new MMORPG will also deliver similar features that most mobile MMORPGs have such as the offline system to ease the tedious level grinding. It was also promised that MU Archangel will not be too dependent on gacha, unlike its counterparts.

No trailers or teasers have been launched but Webzen said the MU Archangel is scheduled to have its Closed Beta on South Korea next month.