Week 4 of MPL-PH Season 11 and MDL-PH Season 1 - Results and Standings

As the MPL-PH Season 11 finished the first half of its 8-week long regular season, the MLBB Development League (MDL) Philippines regular season is starting to wrap up after another intense week that happened starting March 7, 2023 to open up the week. The non-MPL franchise team GameLab is still at the top of Group A MDL-PH standings while for Group B, ECHO Proud is first seed. In MPL-PH Season 11, the reigning M4 World Champions, ECHO PH, lost this week and finally gave up the top position in the standings to Bren Esports. Here are the results from these two tournaments for this week.


MDL-PH Season 1 Week 4

ONIC Vs. GLAB (0-2 GLAB won)
RSG Vs. BLCK (0-2 BLCK won)
OMGN Vs. ZOL (2-0 OMGN won)
BREU Vs. ECHO (1-2 ECHO won)

BLCK Vs. ONIC (2-0 BLCK won)
GLAB Vs. NXPE (0-2 NXPE won)
ECHO Vs. OMGN (2-0 ECHO won)
ZOL Vs. TNC (1-2 TNC won)

RSG Vs. BREU (2-1 RSG won)
NXPE Vs. TNC (2-0 NXPE won)
ONIC Vs. ECHO (0-2 ECHO won)


MPL-PH Season 11 Week 4

BLCK Vs. BREN (0-2 BREN won)
ECHO Vs. OMG (2-1 ECHO won)

NXPE Vs. RSG (1-2 RSG won)
OMG Vs. TNC (2-0 OMG won)
BREN Vs. ONIC (2-0 BREN won)

NXPE Vs. BLCK (0-2 BLCK won)
RSG Vs. ECHO (2-0 RSG won)

Here is the schedule for Week 5:


MDL-PH S1 will begin Week 5 on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 until March 16, 2023.


MPL-PH S11 Week 5 will begin Friday, March 17, 2023 until March 19, 2023.

There will be announcements in the official social media accounts of MPL-PH and MDL-PH in case there will be changes in their pre-announced schedule.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!