Weekly Gaming Update - eSports Philippines Tax


Mar 4, 2015

A:IR or Ascent: Infinite Realm

  • Full launch date not expected until on 2019 while Korean CBT is approaching
  • To those who don’t know Ascent: Infinite Realm is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game has a steampunk-inspired aesthetic, and will be focused around aerial combat and Realm vs Realm combat, with players using airships as their primary mode of transport.
  • Additionally, Air is developed by bluehole the same developer who made the smash hit PUBG
Black Desert Online SEA

  • BDO Sea will launch on January 17
  • If you want to play the game earlier and head start on the adventures, you can purchase packages namely:
    • Legendary Package (Jan 10) – for 2,000 Acoin
    • Prime Package (Jan 14) – for 1,000 Acoin
    • Limited Package (Jan 16) - 400 Acoin
  • This packages includes consumable items that can increase inventory and storage slots, weight limit and exp boost.
  • An additional coupon is also included that allows you to change your appearance
Monster Hunter World

  • Capcom announced the third and final beta test, which will run just days before the game's full release.
    The PS4 beta begins at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET on January 18, or 2 AM GMT on January 19. It concludes on January 21 (or 22) at the same time
  • The beta will be the same two areas with three monsters to hunt: the Great Jagras, Anjanath, and Barroth
  • Monster Hunter World launches for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26. It's also headed to PC, with Capcom recently saying that version will arrive this fall
PUBG 1.0 Update 2
  • PUBG gets another update which is now available in the test server
  • Here are some highlights of the update
    • Added more objects around La Bendita on Miramar to increase the amount of cover
      Reduced the visible distance when parachuting down in order to optimize the server and client performance at the early phases of the game
    • Changed the design of the energy drink
    • In the UI, While player’s nameplate is on (H key), now you can check the current weapon of that player by pressing G key and Added report button in replay mode
    • The developer also unveiled the drop rates for each Desperado and Biker item
Total War: Three Kingdoms

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms has been announced, and it will be set during the Han Dynasty
    The Total War team made the announcement on Twitter earlier last week, revealing that the historical strategy game will launch in Fall 2018
  • This will be the first in the Total War series to explore ancient China
  • The game will be set in 190CE, and will focus on the heroes of the period as they fight to unite China under a single banner
Overwatch Twitch Deal

  • Twitch Signs Two-Year Deal With Overwatch League Worth At Least $90 Million according to a new report from Sports Business Journal
    Overwatch League’s two-year deal to stream its matches on Twitch is the biggest such contract in esports history
  • Twitch will show every regular-season and postseason contest for OWL
ABS CBN will broadcast Dota 2 Galaxy Battles: Emerging Worlds Major
  • Upcoming Dota 2 major, Galaxy Battles II will be available for fans to watch live on ABS-CBN Sports and Action
  • This event will be covered by Tier One Entertainment’s WomboxCombo
  • This is a good push to esports in the country as previously League of Legends World Championship 2015 was broadcasted on TV5
eSports Philippines Tax
  • The Philippines Games and Amusement board is adding mandatory licensing fees and revenue tax for esports competition
  • This means that for organizers to hold local tournaments they will have to pay for a licensing fees, this are required for tournaments with total prize not exceeding 10,000 php
    Tournaments won't be able to proceed if the player or tournament does not have this permit
  • Players, Staff and other participants are also required to get this license (show and read requirements then show then read fees)
    • Promoter (Local or International) 1,200 php fee with 12 php for legal research fund
      Security Officer 1,000 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
    • Medical Officer 1,000 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
    • Team Manager 1,000 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
    • Team Trainer 1,000 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
    • Esports Player 800 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
    • Liaison Officer 800 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
    • Analyst 800 php fee with 10 php for legal research fund
  • A daily fee for the organizer is also imposed for 800 a day with additional 10php for legal research fund whatever that is
  • The bright side elimination and qualifying rounds are exempted