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Featured Weekly Gaming Update - MLBB Rework + ROS Update + Fate/Extella + SNK Heroines

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by admin, Feb 4, 2018.

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    CSGO Skin

    • A rare csgo skin "AWP Dragon Lore" was purchased by a rich fan for a whooping $61,052.63 usd or more than 3 million pesos
    • This souvenir skin was signed by Skadoodle a day before his team Cloud9 won the ELeague Major: Boston
    • According to a polygon article the skin was purchased by a player nicknamed "Drone"
    • The initial agreement of $35,000 which is still around 1.8 million pesos, and was agreed upon by both sides for its final value of 61k usd
    • Dragon Lore ranks highly among the most expensive CS:GO skins to begin with plus making this a souvenir skin which only drops on Valve Sponsored CSGO Tournaments.
    • The skin is also a “factory new” and all its stickers “unscratched” which adds to the items rarity.
    • Drone also said "We agreed on that price since that was the only price I was willing to accept," Drone said. "Otherwise I would have kept it."
    • This is by far the most expensive CS:GO transactions on public record, let me know on the comments below how far would you spend for digital goods
    Mobile Legends


    • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Mustang Johnson gets a Hero Remake
    • According to Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.2.50 Mustang - Johnson will replace the old Johnson
    • Here are the notable changes
      • Passive: Electro-airbag, When Johnson's HP is lower than 30%, he will generate a shield, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor. This effect has a cooldown.
      • The hero skill “Iron Sack” is now replaced to “Deadly Pincers”, Throws a spanner in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path, and stunning enemies in the area it lands.
      • Missile Tackle is changed to Electromag Rays, Raises his shield, dealing continuous magic damage towards in a fan shape and slowing enemies. Basic attacks and Deadly Pincers can still be used while this skill is active.
      • Ultimate: Rapid Touchdown
        • Johnson jumps up and transforms into a car, accelerating increasingly.
        • One Teammates can get in the car when it's moving slowly and then rush toward along with Johnson
        • The car will explode upon hitting an enemy, stunning the target and nearby enemies and dealing magic damage according to the car's speed
        • After the explosion, the ground will be electrified, slowing and dealing magic damage to enemies caught in the area.
        • This ultimate also have a passive increase of armor
    • There is still no release date so be sure to subscribe to get updated
    Rules of Survival


    • Rules of Survival has now been downloaded 100 million times
    • it gets another update last Jan 31
    • The update adds new content such as
      • Facial Accessory items
      • Limited-time White Lovers event in which any players that own any colorful lovers pieces including top and bottoms can get the benefits and color the White Bonus lovers set
      • A new Surprise Pack to the Weekly Pack with a chance to get the Legendary Hazmat Mask
    • The game also mentioned they are improving on anti-hack measures as well as vehicle and sprinting performance optimizations.
    • Here several bugs had also been fixed
      • Fixed a bug where players sometimes were unable to find their friends using the search function.
      • Fixed a bug where friends would be ordered incorrectly in the team-up interface.
      • Fixed a bug in the Friend Recommendation menu where if players hit the Refresh button too quickly, the page would display abnormally.
      • Fixed a bug where a teammate's overhead marker would switch abnormally.
      • Fixed a bug where after a player's death, unfinished medicine would continue to restore HP.
    • There are also UI improvements such as
      • Added a new "Number of spectators" indicator to the post-death game observation interface.
      • Optimized the appearance of custom room characters, and improved the accuracy of character model.
      • Optimized in-game lobby, increased compatibility for iPhone X.
      • Optimized the appearance of Player Avatar.
      • Added game name display to loading and game update interfaces.
    • So what do you think of the updates is there anything else that the ROS team should fix let us know down on the comments

    Fate/Extella Link


    • A new trailer for Fate/Extella Link was dropped by Marvelous earlier this week
    • The trailer highlights the playable characters returning from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star
    • as well as new characters like Francis Drake, Astolfo, Scathach, and Charlemagne
    • The trailer also promises that even more new servants will be added to the playable roster
    • Just like the previous game Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Fate/Extella Link will have a hack-and-slash action gameplay against massive hordes of enemies similar to Dynasty Warriors games
    • There's also a Premium Limited Edition Fate/Extella Link for PlayStation 4 and PSVita
    • Fate/Extella Link is currently under development by Marvelous for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and will be released in Japan on June 7, 2018
    • There is no English localization announcement for the game yet
    Attack on Titan 2


    • Koei Tecmo has released a new details for its upcoming Attack on Titan 2 game introducing its battle system
    • In battle, players will make use of omni-directional mobility action to win the battle by severing Titan limbs and utilizing their surroundings similar to the anime
    • Special actions includes
      • “Hook Dive,” to evade Titan attacks and unleash finishing blows
      • “Sneak Attacks,” to unleash a devastating blow on a Titan’s blind spot
      • “Buddy Actions,” to call team members for aid and supplies
      • “Titan Transformation,” to transform into a Titan itself, and many more
    • Attack on Titan 2 is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam in North America and Europe on March 20, 2018
    SNK Heroines


    • Earlier this week SNK drop a new trailer for its All Female fighting game called SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy
    • Something we noticed with the trailer is that the games is abundant with fan service
    • The trailer also revealed a new character “Nakoruru” who first appeared in the 1993’s Samurai Showdown and recently in “The King of Fighters 14”
      • Her fighting style is more of lightning quick with a loyal bird companion “Mamahama”
    • The game seems to feature a dressing up feature which we've seen on other fighting games however this is again more inline with its fanservice nature
    • According to a tweet from “NIS America” the new SNK Heroines is not targeted for hardcore fighting game fans as its is more accessible for all players
    • SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy will be released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 sometime this summer.
    Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition


    • Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition will launch on Feb. 9, according to Square Enix Japan
    • Pocket Edition features the same cast of characters and storyline as the original Final Fantasy XV
    • but the adventure is divided up into 10 episodic chapters, all of which will be available on launch day
    • Players will be able to download and play the first of these chapters for free, but each subsequent one will need to be purchased with real money
    • Unlike the original game, Pocket Edition sports a much cartoonier art style, with chibi-like characters and monsters
    • The gameplay has also been tweaked to better suit mobile devices; the adventure plays out from an isometric viewpoint, and players guide their party around the world and battle enemies using the touch screen
    • The game will be available on iOS and Android devices on Feb. 9
    • Players can pre-register for the game now from both the App Store and Google Play


    • Epic Games is shutting down Paragon with the MOBA never left the beta phase
    • Epic Games will shut down Paragon, its multiplayer online battle arena title, on April 26
    • The company announced that it will take the game’s servers offline at that date, offering an apology to those who expected more from Paragon
    • Here is the full statement from Epic Games
    • Its also noted that “the player population continues to decrease, matchmaking times and quality will further degrade”
    • Epic Games first launched Paragon in March 2016 as an Early Access title on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC
    • It later went into open beta in August. Epic Games initially charged players to participate during the Early Access phase before making the game free to play
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