Weekly Roundup: Alice Gear Aegis, LEGEND OF HERO, FIRST SUMMONER and more


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May 21, 2019
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Android Weekly Roundup: Alice Gear Aegis x Frame Arms Girl, Hozuki no Reitetsu~Jigoku no Puzzle mo Kimi Shidai, CUE, AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi, FIRST SUMMONER, ArkResona, LEGEND OF HERO, Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei, Dragon Ball Legends, Crimson Clan, The Seven Deadly Sins: Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, Dragon Quest Walk, and Conan Runner

Alice Gear Aegis x Frame Arms Girl

Colopl mobile action 3D game Alice Gear Aegis x Frame Arms Girl collaboration campaign start now.

Iconic FA girl characters included Gourai, Stylet & Baselard will appear in the game & join with the battle.
Players can upgrade their gears & skills to power up their attack. New mission stages will also open for players to take challenge.

The game is a mobile bishojo action shooting game featuring mecha girls designed by Grils und Panzer illustrator Fumikane Shimada & mechas designed by Gundam’s designer.

Hozuki no Reitetsu~Jigoku no Puzzle mo Kimi Shidai

TAITO new mobile game, the game title of popular TV anime series Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, Hozuki no Reitetsu~Jigoku no Puzzle mo Kimi Shidai is over 200,000 pre-registration & will release soon.

Hozuki no Reitetsu is a mobile puzzle game featuring all iconic Hozuki's characters. The game will feature an original story written by the series’ creator Natsumi Eguch .

Its gameplay is simply that eliminate 3 or above the same icon blocks to get sc ores & clear each stage. Bonus rewards will be ready for all players when it launch. So stay-tuned on its official release then!


LIBER Entertainment, famous developer of otome games including A3! & I★CHU, new mobile voice actress breeding game CUE! start the pre-registration today.

CUE! allows players to guide the pretty bishoujo to becoming a successful voice actress. The game will have 16 characters & you can collect the beautiful visuals when the story keep going-on.

The game set a great bonus rewards for pre-registered players so don't miss it. The game will release in this Autumn. So let's help those beautiful girls to be the top voice actresses then!

AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi

WFS mobile RPG of the popular mobile game & TV anime series, AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi is available for download now.

AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi is a mobile game that follow the background story of that series but start with its original storyline. The protagonist Yuki will take her journey with Takuya & other iconic characters for start their new adventure.

The gameplay is simply a traditional JRPG system with brilliant skill & ability animations. Players will get great bonus rewards included ★6 guaranteed gacha roll ticket. Let's participate into Yuki & her friends new journey then!


LINE Games new mobile tactical RPG FIRST SUMMONER confirm will release worldwide on July 2019.

FIRST SUMMONER is a strategic mobile RPG featuring an epic tale of a hero with over 150 stories for player to explore. Player will take the role of a heroine with supernatural powers & target to destroy & eliminate all the monsters in the path.

Its gameplay need you focus on every moment in the combat & make the right action to defeat the enemy.
Its pre-registration still open in Korea so stay-tuned on it if you are interested in.


Nexon Japan upcoming mobile puzzle RPG ArkResona will release in this summer 2019. ArkResona is a RPG featuring tile-matching gameplay combat system. The game is set in a world of magic & ancient machine 'Machina'. The main characters are taking their adventure in the world & meet up with other friends during the journey.

Its gameplay simply to eliminate the puzzles of same color to activate character's skill or ability. Player may give great attack to the enemy by chain combo & the number of puzzle that eliminated. Stay-tuned on more info & its release date then!


Snail Games Japan new MOBA Battle Royale game LEGEND OF HERO is available for download now.

LEGEND OF HERO is a typical MOBA game that bring the exciting battle royale in your mobile. Over 100 types of weapons for collect, players can make your own combat style by various combination in the battlefield.
Its gameplay not only include single player mode but also a PvP mode for 4 players to take challenge.

Players will receive 400 'Diamonds' & 700 'Coins' as rewards for celebrating over 100,000 pre-registration.

Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei

DMM Games, developed by Fusion Studio, new mobile RPG Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei already start its pre-registration & additional bonus rewards will be added.

Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei is the sequel of the PC game title ReBless which closed on 2018.
The game is set in a world that hero is defeated by the demon. The protagonist need to team up with other girls of different races to take the adventure & against fight with the demon.

Its gameplay is a turn-based combat system with simulation & tactical elements. Each character can be train for learning different skills & abilities. The pre-registration already over 50,000 & still open.

Dragon Ball Legends

Celebrating 1st Anniversary, Bandai Namco mobile game Dragon Ball Legends is starting the appreciation campaign now.

Legends anniversary characters: Super Saiyan God SS Goku & Vegeta & more are ready for summon. By the way, plenty of anniversary rewards included unique power up items will give to the players too.

The game is a mobile card battle game featuring 3D 3v3 combat stages. Players can simply control their characters by tapping cards at the bottom of the screen.

Try your luck to collect the powerful new Goku & Vegeta to fight opponents then!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross

Netmarble mobile 3D RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross is available for download now.

Following the popular TV anime series The Seven Deadly Sins season 1, iconic characters: Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane & Ban will appear in the game to start their new adventure in the game. All characters have different outfits that players can equip to change their look too.

The gameplay is a card battle RPG featuring brilliant graphic & unique 'Skill Card System' strategic system for the combat.

Let's join with the Seven Deadly Sins new journey now!

Crimson Clan

Japan Otomate new mobile otome game Crimson Clan will release on 4th July. Crimson Clan is a mobile game that set in a dark fantasy theme. The protagonist Akasaki Mirai sudden involved into a deadly survival game of a mysterious app, Crimson Clan. In order to survive, she has to develop bonding with people from different 'clan'.

The game has turn-based battle mode which players can set as auto mode & you can upgrade the characters' level during battles that may help unlock the main story.

Pre-registration still open & bonus rewards will be given to players too.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary, KLab mobile soccer simulation game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is open the Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer campaign now.

This special campaign allow players to transfer those ionic characters, such as Captain Tsubssa, Kojiro Hyuga, Taro Misaki & more, to wear the Japan National Team 1997 official kit. All of those characters will add their new SSR skills too.

By the way, bonus login rewards include 1 guaranteed SSR & more will be given to players too. Let's prepare to take the challenge of worldwide teams for your national team then.

Dragon Quest Walk

Square Enix announce the upcoming Dragon Quest mobile game title, Dragon Quest Walk will release in this year 2019 later.

Developed with Colopl, Dragon Quest Walk is a mobile location services-based RPG that player act as protagonist & start the adventure in the real world, where was become the DQ world..

Its gameplay not only a 'Pokemon GO' like AR game but player can walk the fields & talk to the townspeople while moving in the real world. You can start a quest for battle against monsters, grow, prepare equipment & even challenge enemies.

The game start recruit players for CBT so try it & stay-tuned on more info then!

Conan Runner

Bushiroad mobile side-scrolling runner game Conan Runner global version will release on 5th June.

As the game title of the Detective Conan series, Conan Runner is a mobile runner game that players need to collect as many points as they can in each stage whilst avoiding obstacles. Iconic characters will appear in the game with their own skills & abilities that may give a support to players when select as partner in each stage.

After complete the stage, players can unlock the scenarios using the points for discover various cases.
Let's help Conan to find out the truth behind every case.