Weekly Roundup: Project Eternal, Identity V AxeBoy, Minecraft Earth and more


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May 21, 2019
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Android Weekly Roundup: Project Eternal, N.E.O, Equinox, Dragons’ Odyssey, Minecraft Earth AR, Forever 7 Days, Blue Steel Ars Nova- Re:Birth, Touhou Cannonball, Identity V AxeBoy: Robbie

Project Eternal

Asobimo announce their upcoming mobile MMORPG Project Eternal is open CBT for IOS users. Project Eternal is a next generation mobile MMORPG that features brilliant 3D graphics & real time environment for its gameplay system. The game will include great storyline & various job classes for players to select & participate into the adventure.

The game is planning to release in this autumn. The CBT period of IOS start from 15th to 21st May. Android version maybe later for open CBT too.

Let's try it now & stay-tuned on more info then!


Black Beard Design Studio very first mobile action RPG N.E.O is under-developing & plan to release in this year. Developer Black Beard Design is a famous CG company that participate into various game titles such as NieR:Automata & GOD EATER 3.

N.E.O is a mobile action RPG that feature brilliant graphic & smooth animation. Player need to take different challenges on each stage & then upgrade their characters' skills.

The game is cancelled traditional gacha roll system but depends on paid for chapter system. The game plan to launch around this autumn so stay-tuned on it then!

Equinox / Project VGAME

Japan enish upcoming mobile game Equinox announce will launch in this year.
Renamed from previous Project VGAME, Equinox is a mobile action RPG set its game world in the near future. Player will take the role of main character to search for your best friend who is missing.

Suddenly you have been entered into a mysterious world where a group of people is fighting against with invaders. So the main character join with the group of people to against those invaders & also looking for the best friend.
The game is developed by Shanghai MorningTec so stay-tuned on more info later then!

Dragons’ Odyssey

KEMCO GAMES new mobile fantasy action game RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey open pre-registration now.

RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey is the mobile version of its same titles on PC & console platforms.
The game has very great story & players need to unleash the secret skills of the dragon tribe to get rid of enemies & meets companion during the adventure.

Players can collect materials to create items for increase the level of relationship with the companion.
Let's start the new adventure in your mobile then!

Minecraft Earth AR

Microsoft announce that new Minecraft AR mobile game What’s Minecraft up to? will release on 17th May.
What’s Minecraft up to? is a mobile version of the most popular game Minecraft. Its gameplay seems so similar with original version that is a sandbox construction game for everyone.

However, Microsoft still haven't show what type of Minecraft game will be but its AR technology seems very high quality compare with other mobile AR games.

Let's prepare to participate into Minecraft world again on 17th May then!

Forever 7 Days

DeNA publish that NetEase Games mobile anime action RPG Forever 7 Days will release on 8th May 2019 (tomorrow).

Forever 7 Days is Japanese version of NetEase mobile isometric action RPG Forever 7th Capital which launched years before.

The story is about a 'Black Gate' appear in the world & connect with other dimension where demons are coming from. The world will be ended within 7 days that there is an artifact can keep to loop these 7 days until player defeat those demons by team up with game characters to save the world.

Let's be ready to participate into the battle & save the world then.

Blue Steel Ars Nova- Re:Birth

Gamegate mobile RPG Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova- Re:Birth already over 150,000 pre-registration & plan to release in this spring time.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova- Re:Birth is a battleship simulation RPG that based on the popular TV anime series of same title. The game is set as full 3D animation gameplay & allow players to build up their own fleet & even their own base to fight against enemies on the sea.

Iconic characters & battleship of the anime will appear in the game with their own skills & abilities.
Its pre-registration still open for public so don't miss it!

Touhou Cannonball

Produced by Aniplex & Quatro A, Touhou Project new mobile game Touhou Cannonball open pre-registration now.

Touhou Cannonball is a mobile game that its gameplay similar to Monopoly. Players will roll the dice to move across the Gensokyo-set board to earn money through items, battle, shopping & more as achieve victory.

Iconic characters including Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame , Kagerou Imaizumi & Yuka Kazamiwill appear in the game.
Bonus rewards will be given to the players!

Identity V AxeBoy: Robbie

Having special ability's hunter already arrived in mobile survivor horror game Identity V couple of days before. Grew up in a wealthy family, the hunter - AxeBoy: Robbie is ready in the shop for player to recruit. Are you play with him to achieve victory in the game?

AxeBoy Robbie always love to cry & can control the grievances to get closer or obtain short-term speed up.
He can collect a number of benzoin pines in the game for enhance the decaying field & its effect.

Let's recruit him & hunt all survivors if you still haven't try him!