Weekly Roundup: Soul Worker Zero, OVERHIT, Marvel Super War, Project Babe and more


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May 21, 2019
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Android Weekly Roundup: Yo-Kai Watch, Otome Ken Musashi, Project Babel, Nameko-Ten, Kengan Ultimate Battle, PUBG Mobile x Godzilla II, OVERHIT, Marvel Super War, Seven Kingdoms & the Moon Shadow Mercenaries, MU Kakusei, COLOR PIECEOUT, Project NOAH, Chain Chronicle, AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi, Sumzap, MT: Epic Orders, Mighty Quest For Epic Loot and Soul Worker Zero

Yo-Kai Watch

Netmarble & Level 5 new mobile RPG Yo-Kai Watch: Medal Wars confirm will available for play at the mid-July 2019.. Yo-Kai Watch: Medal Wars is a game about a legend which proclaims that anyone obtains Ooja Medal who will get the power of the great Lord Enma.

Players will need to team up with different Yo-kai & train them to fight in real-time combat. It include PvP mode & story mode for player to take challenge with friends.

The game features AR function to allow players to collect those Yo-Kai by taking images. Great rewards will be given to players when it launch so don't miss it.

Otome Ken Musashi

Japan Karinto new mobile otome game Otome Ken Musashi is available for download today. Otome Ken Musashi is a mobile otome game that player will take an adventure with those handsome descendants of the legendary samurai.

The story is about the protagonist Kokura An who picks up a broken wooden sword in an abandoned warehouse then sudden join the fight of legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

Its gameplay is simply you just need to connect the words in line according to its demo at the beginning.

Project Babel

Colopl new mobile RPG Project Babel will pre-release in 11th June. Project Babel is a mobile game that the story is about a mysterious tower appear in the land & the protagonists: Rye & Miliesia start their journey to find out the mystery of tower & search for freedom in the world.

The game is designed by Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII, Dragons Dogma Online) & sound by Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Tactics Ogre).

Its gameplay is a JRPG that each character can select 3 different classes with its unique skills & abilities. Player need to choose characters from different races to team up for battle. The pre-registration still open!


BEEWORKS GAMES is release to download the popular mushroom series Nameko new game title, Nameko-Ten now. Nameko-Ten is a mobile puzzle game that players need to remove blocks according to the customer’s orders. You will have to set up big combos to quickly fulfill each customer’s order & get high score.

The game story is about Nameko who has borrowed a large sum of money to start a business. Player need to clear stages to help Nameko clear its debt & even expand his business.

Kengan Ultimate Battle

Cybird & Shogakukan mobile battle game Kengan Ultimate Battle confirm its release date is on 12th June. Based on the Japanese manga series Kengan Ashura, this game is a mobile muscle simulation battle game featuring iconic Kengan characters such as Ashura, Kazuo Yamashita, Hideki Nogi & more.

Player will take the role as a president of the company in Kengan's game world. You need to recruit fighters to attend various matches to win the prizes & expand your business. You also need to train the fighters to become the champion & make the company as top agent.

Its pre-registration still open for public so don't miss it!

PUBG Mobile x Godzilla II

Playerunknown Battleground Mobile (PUBG Mobile) x Godzilla II new collaboration event will open for the players. Celebrating the Godzilla movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters!, this crossover event will add two new outfits for players to collect. The designs of these new outfits will reference the outlook of Godzilla & King Ghidorah from the live-action movie

By the way, the game is going on its Royale Pass season 7. Great rewards is ready for players too. Be ready to become the great Godzilla & take the challenge with friends then!


Nexon hit mobile RPG OVERHIT global version will release on 30th May, tomorrow. OVERHIT is developed by Unreal Engine 4 & its Korean version already launched since 2017 with great success.

The game has normal story mode & PvP mode for players to take different challenges. Its gameplay features a CD-based skill system which the characters will automatically attack enemies & players only controls the timing of using specific skills, checking the cooldown times, number of enemies & so on. By the way, player is freely to build their own team combinations as they like.

The game will support 11 different languages so global fans don't miss it!

Marvel Super War

Marvel Entertainment & NetEase co-developed new mobile MOBA game Marvel Super War just open close beta testing at SEA region & India.

Marvel Super War is a newly MOBA game featuring the favorite heroes & villains from the Marvel universe. Each character will offer a variety of powers that players will be able to utilize in combat.

Players will control their favorite Marvel heroes & villains to battle with opponents in an arena battlefield. The game strongly mention that it focus on fair combat & balanced gameplay.

Its official launch date still haven't confirm yet. But be ready to conquer your foes in Marvel world by team up with your friends and let the battles begin!

Seven Kingdoms & the Moon Shadow Mercenaries

Mobcast Games mobile battle strategic RPG Seven Kingdoms & the Moon Shadow Mercenaries is available for download now.

Seven Kingdoms is a mobile PvP combat RPG featuring its gameplay that combine TCG & strategic elements into its RPG system.

You will take a role of commander who need to recruit different character cards & form a team to battle with opponents.

Players need to make use of the card’s features & skills to win battles in PvP mode. Player can trade your cards with the opponents, which can largely affect the results.

MU Kakusei

Kunlun Japan new mobile MMORPG MU Kakusei is available now. MU Kakusei is a mobile MMORPG developed by China TIANMA, that feature a great story about human battle with demons by the help of archangels for protect the world.

Player can start the game by select a job class from swordsman, wizard & archer. Each class will have its special skills & abilities.

By the way, characters' outlook & even the gears can be customizable to give your own appearance. Its pre-registration is over 300,000 & bonus rewards will give to all players.


AXEL GAME Entertainment mobile puzzle adventure RPG COLOR PIECEOUT is available for download now. COLOR PIECEOUT is a puzzle game with a great story similar to Layton's Mystery Journey.

The game is about the protagonist Lily visits New York to look for her missing father. There she meets Carlos, a detective haunted by his own nightmare. So that their adventure is about to start.

The gameplay is a traditional puzzle game combine with detective element & RPG system.

Project NOAH

FLEET mobile SRPG Project NOAH already over 150,000 pre-registration & will release very soon.

Project NOAH is a mobile tactical marine battle RPG featuring brilliant graphics, huge game world & deep story. The game is set the planet 'NOAH' where is destroying by the sea level rise up. Human develop a great AI system 'Emzara' for helping people to build 12 huge ships & then move to a new survival land.

However, 3 groups of people have deep conflict on this project & start fight for each other. Player need to find the admiral who has special ability to activate the ships & stop the battle of those 3 groups. Its pre-registration still open for public!

Chain Chronicle

Sega mobile RPG Chain Chronicle x hit TV anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero collaboration event will start at 12th June.

Iconic characters such as Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, Filo & Glass will appear in the game to let player collect & join the team. Each of new characters will have their unique skills & combat abilities.

Also, new story of this event will be open for player to start the new journey of The Rising of the Shield Hero & against the new enemies.
So be prepared to take the new adventure of Chain Chronicle then!

AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi

WFS mobile JRPG of the popular mobile game & TV anime series, AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi announce it will release on June 2019.

AFTERLOST-Shōmetsu Toshi is a mobile drama RPG that based on the background storyline of its series but start with its new story. The protagonist Yuki will start her new journey with Takuya & other iconic characters for facing the new adventure.

The gameplay is a side-scrolling action RPG system with brilliant action animations. Players will get great rewards since the pre-registration is over 200,000.


Japan Sumzap new mobile MOBA LINQs RINGs finally release & open the game service is on 30th May. LINQs RINGs is a mobile action battle game featuring 4 vs 4 exciting arena battle gameplay. The game will divide into 2 teams: red & blue, that players need to defeat the opponents with your teammates in a 3mins combat stage for achieve the victory.

For now, 5 main game characters with their unique skills & abilities, will ready for players to select. More different types of characters will release after the game launch.

MT: Epic Orders

DMM Games upcoming mobile MMORPG MT: Epic Orders open pre-registration now.

MT: Epic Orders is a mobile MMORPG that is the latest MT game series developed by China Locojoy, which already over 200M players from the MT series game titles worldwide.

Player need to team up with your companions & uncover the mystery of the Eminoir continent, along with other unique characters of MT world.

Player can select either one class from 8 types of classes included warrior &warlock, to start the adventure. The game is going on CBT recruitment so let's try it if you interested in MT game series.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Ubisoft upcoming mobile action RPG Mighty Quest For Epic Loot open pre-registration now.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a mobile game RPG based on the same title of the free-to-play action RPG back in 2015. The game is a hack-and-slash RPG that features different types of heroes who can customize with more than 1,000 pieces of gear. The game also give you lots of loot.

Its gameplay contain huge PVE campaign, PVP arenas & more.

Bonus rewards included a pet 'Bradley' will give to all players. The game will be launched on 9th July so don't miss it!

Soul Worker Zero

Korea APROGEN GAMES mobile MMORPG, based on the original online game Soul Worker, Soul Worker Zero is available for download Android platform at Korea now, IOS & global version will release soon.

Soul Worker Zero is a mobile action MMORPG featuring anime style & smooth animation combat. By the way, the original Soul Worker characters such as Haru, Erwin, Lily, Stella, Jin & Iris also appear in the game to join the new adventure too.

Its gameplay will include story mode, PvP, survival mode & even Boss mode for giving players different challenges.