Weekly Roundup: Terra Wars, TERA Origin, Extraordinary Ones and more

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May 21, 2019
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Android weekly roundup for new and upcoming games in south east asia last week!

Terra Wars

Mistwalker & Arzest co-developed, the new title of Terra game series, mobile RPG TERRA WARS will release on 1st July.

TERRA WARS is a new mobile RPG that features Clay style character design. Player will take the role of the heroes created for the Terra Battle series, & travel through a fantastic world for complete different mysterious tasks.
The gameplay is a turn-based combat & full of exploration, missions assigned by neutral characters & fighting encountered enemies.

A special collaboration campaign with 'FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION' will also start when the game launch.
Its pre-registration is going-on so don't miss it.

Guardian Project

Willoo Entertainment K.K mobile marine battle 3D RPG Guardian Project is available for download now.

Guardian Project is a mobile marine battle 3D simulation RPG which localized from the same title of Chinese version called Blue Destiny Story: Sea Saga.

The game story is about humans no longer live on The Earth's surface in the near future. Instead, they live in capsules & have Androids, that are the bishōjo form called Guardian, to protect them. However, someGuardians sudden attack back to humans so need the good Guardian to against them in the marine war. Let's team up with bishōjo androids to protect human then!

TERA Origin

Netmarble Japan announce their new mobile action RPG, the new title of TERA series, TERA Origin start the CBT recruitment now.

TERA Origin is a 3D action mMMORPG that set in an open world. The gameplay will set 3 different classes: tank, attacker & healer so player can select either one to start your adventure in Tera world. Each class of course will has its unique skills & abilities by training. By the way, a function called RAVEN that can give special effect & attribute to the character's weapons for helping player to defeat various monsters.

The game will included 3v3 PvP mode & even the massive 50v50 battle mode to give an exciting combat to all players.
Let's try this great game in their CBT period & stay-tuned on its official launch then!

Crusaders Quest x Goblin Slayer

NHN Entertainment & LOAD COMPLETE retro 8bit style mobile RPG Crusaders Quest x TV anime series 'Goblin Slayer' collaboration campaign is starting today.

Iconic characters included Goblin Slayer, Priestess, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Lizardman Priest & even Sword Maiden & Spearman will appear in the game.

Player will be able to collect the limited collaboration Goblin Slayer characters from Goblin Slayer contracts.
Special chapter stages of Goblin Slayer also open for players to take challenge. Let's join the new battle with Goblin Slayer then!

Extraordinary Ones

X.D. Global publish, developed by NetEase, mobile anime-style MOBA game Extraordinary Ones already over 400,000 pre-registration.

Extraordinary Ones is a mobile MOBA that features exciting 5v5 arena battle gameplay with various types of brilliant characters. Over 60 types of heroes, hero characters will have their own special skills & abilities for against other opponents.

The game story is around a star school that many special students, who have different skills & abilities, are studying in it. One day, they all need to participate into an event called 'The strongest partner challenge'.
Its pre-registration still going-on.

Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei

DMM Games, developed by Fusion Studio, mobile RPG Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei is available for download on Android now, IOS version is later.

Rejudgement/ReBless Zwei is the sequel of the former PC game title ReBless which closed on 2018. The game is set in a world that hero is defeated by the demon. The protagonist need to team up with other girls of different races to start their adventure & against fight with the demon.

It is a turn-based combat gameplay with simulation & tactical elements. All characters can be train for learning different skills & abilities. Bonus rewards is ready for players when they login.

White Cat Tennis x shonen manga Yu Yu Hakusho

COLOPL mobile sport tennis game White Cat Tennis x shonen manga Yu Yu Hakusho collaboration campaign already open.

Yu Yu Hakusho’s great villain Younger Toguro will be the special collaboration tennis player & players can take the challenge with him to have a chance to obtain special items or collect him after defeat him.

The iconic characters will be voiced by their original voice actors/actresses from TV anime series.
The collaboration events will also add wallpaper as bonus rewards in a mini game inside the collaboration website.
Let's take the challenge of Younger Toguro & get the champion.

The King of Fighters for Girls

Japan Victor Entertainment Games announce their upcoming game project, based on SNK’s King of Fighters franchise, mobile otome game The King of Fighters for Girls will release in this summer 2019.

The King of Fighters for Girls is a game that features its original story which player act as a new female character who enjoys friendship & romance with KOF characters such as Kusanagi Kyou or Yagami Iori.

The gameplay seems like a simulation & breeding game but also can battle with other characters like a fighting game.
Don't miss it if you are a KOF fan & like otome type games then!

Kengan Ultimate Battle

Cybird & Shogakukan mobile battle game Kengan Ultimate Battle is available for download now.

Based on the Japanese manga series Kengan Ashura, the game is a mobile muscle simulation battle game featuring iconic Kengan characters such as Ashura, Kazuo Yamashita, Hideki Nogi & more.

Player will act as a president of the company in Kengan's game world. You need to recruit fighters to attend various matches to win the prizes & expand the business. Player also need to train the fighters to become the champion & make the company as top agent.

Let's achieve the champion & being the top fighting company then!

Gears Pop

Microsoft upcoming mobile title of Gears of War franchise, Gears Pop! open pre-registration now. Gears Pop! is a mobile game combining with Gears of War & the collectible figures Funko Pop.

Over 30 iconic Gears of War heroes & villains, Player can collect & upgrade them to form a team & participate into the exciting PvP arena battle.

All GoW characters have their powerful ‘Ultimate’ abilities such as the devastating 'Emergence Hole' that floods the battlefield with Wretches.

The gameplay is seems like a tower-defense game with some tactical elements. Its official release date still not announce yet so stay-tuned more on it then!

A Certain Magical Index

The hit Japanese light novel & TV anime series, Square Enix new mobile game A Certain Magical Index confirm to release on July.

A Certain Magical Index is a mobile battle 3D TCG that player will join the main characters' story of its TV anime series & start the new adventure with iconic characters.

For the gameplay, each in-game character card will have different attack directions, player need to move them around in the field to avoid the opponent’s counter-attack when attack them. The pre-registration is over 200,000 & bonus rewards will be given. Let's join this magic battle then!

Project Babel

Colopl mobile RPG Project Babel is available for download now & its game server will open tomorrow.

Project Babel is a mobile game that one day a mysterious tower sudden appear in the land & the protagonists: Rye & Miliesia take their adventure to find out the mystery of tower & search for freedom in the world.

The game is designed by Kazushige Nojima (FF VII, Dragons Dogma Online) & sound by Hitoshi Sakimoto (FF XII, Tactics Ogre).

Its gameplay is a simply JRPG that each character can select 3 different classes with relative unique skills & abilities. Player need to choose characters from different races to team up for battle. Let's participate in the journey of the tower then!

Last Origin

Korea SmartJoy upcoming mobile turn-based strategic RPG Last Origin will release for worldwide in the next half year 2019.

Last Origin is a mobile 2D tactical RPG featuring beautiful female humanoids who will team up with player, take the role of survivor 'Origin', for fight against with enemy & protect the ruined world.

The game will include campaign stages & story mode of over 142 chapters of the destroyed world story. Those pretty characters will have their uniqueskills & abilities for battling with enemies in the 9-grid battlefield.
Let's prepare to team up with the pretty humanoids & protect the world then!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Square Enix announce at the E3 event, their classic action RPG FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES REMASTERED EDITION will release in this winter 2019.

FF CRYSTAL CHRONICLES is not only set in the original story mode but also support online mode to let player play with up to 4 friends.

The game will feature updated visuals, new content, & voice acting. Its story about 4 adventurers who travel in a caravan gathering mystical fuel for crystals that are needed to protect the world's settlements from destructive miasma.
So stay-tuned on more info later then!

Duel of Dice

LINE Games new mobile duel battle RPG Duel of Dice start pre-registration now & plan to release in this summer.

Duel of Dice is a battle RPG featuring unique turn-based duel battle gameplay by dice control. Over 120 characters are ready for player to collect & each of them has their special skills & abilities for the combat.

For the game, the steps included moving, attack & using ability are decided by dice. Player need to try their luck in the dice & using strategy for achieve victory.

It support 4-men duel battle with friends in every stage. So prepare to try this interesting game & don't miss it.

War Of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Square Enix upcoming mobile tactical RPG War Of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius open pre-registration now.

War Of The Visions is the new mobile strategic RPG that is spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius & concept of the Final Fantasy Tactics game series.

Its gameplay is a 3D RPG with tactical elements & included brilliant skill set animations. The story takes place on the continent of Ardra on the world of Lapis, thatthe world of FF Brave Exvius. The game will release in this year so stay-tuned.