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Dec 25, 2015
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This server began on the idea to offer a solid stable server for a community of friends and users who enjoy playing together year by year. Amongs the years the server evolved and we began as HASTE MU, Arieth then turned into ASIRIUS and now began the MULWAR age.

We value each user and always appreciate his efforts of playing. Therefore we DO NOT close servers. Your ITEMS and LEVELS are safe with us - because we value each hard work inside the game.

We use unique game files along with special customs to ensure that other servers do not have what we have!

All features are fully working - events / commands / items etc

You are welcome to try the game out!

1. REGISTER : http://mu.mulwar.com/register.html
2. DOWNLOAD GAME : http://mu.mulwar.com/download_client.html
Link Google: 3. PLAY

We offer 1 server: MEDIUM EXP
  • Season 9 Ep. II - Soon Season 10 with new character
  • Experience 3000x
  • Drop 60%
  • Reset YES-Keep stats
  • Limit Accounts 4 Single Accounts on Station(PC/Laptop)
  • Max Level 400
  • Points Per Level 5/7
  • Max Stats 32.000 ADD POINT
  • X Shop YES
  • Offlevel and Offtrade Feature
  • Free credits for online / vote / play
  • New Custom Maps
  • Latest Items + Customs
  • Multivaults
... and more!