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Oct 14, 2018
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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the Full 3D Mobile version game of the 2.5D PC Ragnarok Online (2002). In the world of Midgard, you will create your character, choose the class that fits your gameplay, build your character, interact with other players, slay monsters, gather gears and items, make a lot of mistakes, learn a lot of stuff and best of all, have the most loving and memorable game experience of your life and share it with other players around the world!

“Eternal Love ”

CLOSED BETA TEST: in CBT players will be able to enter the game, although invites are not needed like Open Beta, players can enter the game but only the first 50,000 players who will be able to participate (for now). The number of players will be expanded along the duration of the CBT especially during the stress test (later parts). CBT will start on October 20th at 10:00 AM GMT+7.

PRE-REGISTRATION: You can pre-register to the game via game app or using an invitation link. For the pre-registration guide please CLICK HERE.

Ragnarok M retains much of Ragnarok Online, as such, this is the true mobile version of the PC game. It retains game features and mechanics such as:

1: NO GENDER LOCK – in today’s advance game world, playing a Mobile MMORPG with gender lock is a bummer. Good thing this game will let you choose your own gender of preference just like its PC version.

2: CUTE, FUN AND INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION – if you are one of those players who enjoy dressing up your character to look cute or bad-ass then this is a game you must never ignore! With hundreds of costumes to choose from, armor skins from head to toe, each with their own stats, effects and designs, you will spend eternity trying to collect them all!

3: MULTI-TIER JOB/CLASS SYSTEM – this is one of the core mechanics of the game where each player starts as a NOVICE. You must plan ahead and learn your very own gameplay style to be able to choose the best FIRST JOB/CLASS which will lead you to your SECOND JOB/CLASS and will then bring you to your THIRD JOB/CLASS. This Job/Class system offers much fun, infinite customizations and build mix. Each class and build have its own pro's and con's and only with the help of other players will you be able to tackle the most challenging aspects of the game.

4: STATS and SKILLS SYSTEM – another core mechanics of the game and complement each other. To make an effective character, you must have a stat build that complement the chosen skills. You must also learn each skill effects, element type and especially skill combinations (combo). Mastering how and when to implement each skill is a must if you want to survive the battle or be an effective team mate. Nothing to worry as you have a lot of comrades to learn from and best of all, learn from your own mistakes.

5: MAPS, DUNGEONS, INSTANCES and MONSTERS – the game world grew through the years and each continent have its own section/city and each city is surrounded by field maps from frozen tundra to dessert and storm. Each map host a bunch of monsters with different features, skills, elemental types and abilities. Beware, as some maps host a mini-boss or a boss monster which is far superior and stronger than your average mobs.

6: GEAR and FASHION – gears aren’t just for aesthetics as each gear offers stats, features and even skills that will make your character stronger. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love offers a little different way of gathering and crafting gears when compared to the PC game. You can also gather rare gears and fashion items from monsters, especially mini-boss and bosses, so be nice to your fellow players and build a good group to take on them!

7: QUEST - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love offers very rewarding and multiple types of quest. From Tutorial Quest, Daily Quest, Weekly Quest, Game Lore Quest, Crafting Quest and Guild Quest (*breaths*) you will spend a lot of time moving here and there and it will surely be worth of your time! Quest are easier when you have a fellow player doing the same quest as each accomplishment counts to the whole requirement, so please don’t be shy and forma group! It will save you time, battery and zeny.

8: PLAYER VS PLAYER and GUILD VS GUILD – The game PvP and GvG system is much like its PC game version but with more rewards to choose from. Here you will battle your fellow players and show off you moves in an instanced map (PvP) or protect your stronghold from invaders who wants to get your Guild Spot (GvG). Joining PvP and GvG is a must to be able to build a stronger character especially for the Rune System. Build relationship with your fellow players and join a group as soon as possible. It is proven that a group is better than a lone wolf. Besides, it’s more fun to play with other players!

9: MARKET and ECONOMY – The game market is very different from the PC version, mainly to prevent farmers from taking advantage of players and inflation, the game boast a system based game server controlled pricing system where each item is subject to the law of “Supply and Demand”. More of this feature will be discussed in another guide as this is a very simple yet complicated game mechanics and requires a more complex dissection.

10: SOCIAL FEATURES – By far, this is the most social game ever. You will see a lot of players hanging out in the cities, maps and some even have their own “Meet Up Spot”. Aside from the cute emoticons, multiple chat options and channels, the game also boast your very own Guild Hub with NPC’s and functionalities only available to guild members! Chill, Chat and Relax, besides you only have a limited stamina per day, so why not hang out with your friends and build that relationship where most end up in real life meet-ups and gatherings!

There are more game features and mechanics that we will cover later. For now, make sure that you pre-register and grab a GIFT CODE which you may claim during the Open Beta of the game.