WESG 2018 SEA + PUBG Radar Hack Bans + MU Origin 2 and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about PUBG Radar Hack Ban Wave with 30000 users banned, WESG 2018 SEA Where in Philippines brought home 3 gold medals, The Division 2 positive alpha test, Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out! Anthem Season Pass, One Piece World Seeker and MU Origin 2.

  • In the recent World Electronic Sports Games 2018
  • Filipino players took home one bronze, two silver and three gold models in an Olympic style tournament
  • basically 24 Pinoy esports athletes participated and flew to the WESG event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where 4665 other players from south east asia also participated
  • The event featured five major esports titles like Dota 2, CSGO, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone and Vainglory with a prize pool of 150,000 usd
  • First off the Philippines TnC Predator came out the top after defeating the Malaysian Team Warriors Gaming Unity this was even without Kuku in the roster
  • So they are bringing home the gold as well as 7,500 usd of prize
  • Then in Starcraft 2 EnDerr also secured the championship and gold then finally ArkAngels CSGO Female took home the gold for CSGO
  • in which boths team will also receive 7,500 usd
  • Then for the silver TnC Predator for CSGO and Staz for Hearthstone Men
  • then finally Caracute for Hearthstone Women in bronze
  • This qualifies five esports team to main event in Chongqing China next year
  • What a great year to end and congratulations to our Filipino esports representatives

The Division 2

  • A few days ago ubisoft and massive held an technical alpha test on PC for their upcoming game The Division 2
  • This was held last Dec 15 to 18 with users signed in a non disclosure agreement to prevent them from leaking game details and so far fans reactions are largely positive
  • according to a reddit post even if the game have some bugs on its alpha current state they feel it a major step up from the first game
  • the post also added that the bullet sponge issue on the first division has also been improved
  • citing the gunplay and movement is faster and more fluid
  • then other impression from twitter post suggest that so far they like where the game is head so far with tons of great changes
  • To those who don't know and have not played the division
  • it's basically a third person mmo shooter looter
  • In the game you can customize weapons and armor that suits our play style
  • you can be a tank, dps and even a mage like type class that emphasize on electronics
  • The division also features cooperative gameplay with raids and even a large pvp called the dark zone
  • where you basically farm for loot on either mobs or by killing other players
  • The story takes place 7 months after the events of the original the division witch ditch the snowy terrain to a hot summer
  • So if you are interested The Division 2 is expected to be released on March 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox one

Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out!
  • Ranida Games released its new mobile game on playstore called Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out!
  • So what is this game about?
  • Well basically like the title suggest you will need to grab your phone and start shouting on it
  • Sounds simple right?
  • So in the game you can charge to transform, ki blast or shatter glasses
  • the even have a world record for you to beat!
  • Waaaaah! Shout Your Lungs Out! also features Gloco a prominent figure in the gaming community
  • So if you are interested and would like to support filipino game developers the game is available in the playstore for FREE
  • To those who don't know
  • Ranida Games is a Filipino Indie game developer based in Laguna
  • they are also the developers who made PBA Philippine Slam and currently developing their upcoming fighting game called Bayani
  • which is based on Philippines historical figures

Anthem Season Pass

  • Many users have been contemplating on Biowares upcoming game Anthem
  • some are worried the game will have too much monetization schemes like what happened to Destiny 2 with paid dlc dividing its player base every release
  • well good news
  • According to the tweeter reply of “Michael Gamble” a lead producer on Bioware
  • Anthem will have no season pass, basically saying buy the game and dont worry after that
  • as for the DLC? it will all be completely free! so no paid dlcs! wow
  • Bioware also said that it is taking inspiration from Fortnite seasonal events as their post launch plans
  • meaning events or unlock can be free for all players who purchased the game
  • To those who don't know
  • Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing game where in you loot and farm for new weapons and upgrades
  • The game will feature a single-player and co-operative multiplayer element in a "shared world" with up to four squad members per team
  • If you are interested Anthem will be available on PS4, Xbox one and PC on Feb 2019

MU Origin 2
  • Webzen is getting ready for the release for their MU Origin sequel, as MU Origin to pre registration appeared on the playstore
  • then those who participated on the event will also receive gift packs worth 50 usd at launch
  • alternatively you can also pre register on their website and get a chance to win iPhone XS MAX
  • To those who don't know MU Origin 2 brings you the legendary MU kingdom
  • which inherits the classic elements and story for the mobile device
  • MU Origin 2 will feature real-time PvP with cross-server battles, Live auction with a unique free trade system so you can trade face to face with other players
  • Auto exp and gear collection for idle gameplay
  • The game will have 3 classic characters like Swordsman, Mage and Archer
  • So if you are interested you can now pre register on playstore however take note the system requirement is an Android OS 5 and 2gb of ram or above

One Piece World Seeker

  • Bandai Namco shared their fifth trailer for the upcoming game One Piece: World Seeker at Jump Festa 2019
  • The new trailer shows a new villain who seems be a marine with robotic elements similar to Frank
  • The trailer also showed the strawhat crew along with notable characters like smoker, akainu and more as well as new character with lime green hair
  • In One Piece: World Seeker the players control Monkey D. Luffy as he explores Prison Island
  • which was devastated by war several years ago and has begun to be rebuilt under the watchful eye of the Navy
  • Players will take on missions from island inhabitants and grow Luffy’s skills to take on more challenging opponents and situations
  • If you are interested One Piece: World Seeker is due out for PlayStation 4 on March 2019

PUBG Ban Wave

  • Unlike RoS PUBG crop is cracking down on hackers and cheaters for their battle royale game
  • because recently according to the reports the devs banned over 30,000 accounts
  • Wow grabe! So all is good!
  • however players included to the ban are pro players
  • So pro players like TEXQS, Papaya, Cageman, PlayerJones, Hoffmann88, Sezk0, Houlow, Kragen had their accounts banned
  • Several teams have already apologised while some players are currently suspended
  • Other teams are also in contact with PUBG corp for further details and findings regarding the issue
  • So why did they get banned?
  • well apparently this is due to the new anti cheating measures of the battleye software that now detects and ban players using “Radar Hacks”
  • to those who don't know this is a type of hack that allows the cheater to see the position of all other players in the map
  • basically like wallhack or the green characters in Rules of survival
  • this type of hack is one of the most complained by the players of PUBG
  • and according to PUBG corp this is one of the hacks that is difficult to crack down
  • because they send data from the server to an external device via vpn
  • this isn't the first time PUBG corp did a massive ban wave as they did this last january with over 1m players getting banned
  • they also worked with the the chinese government to arrest hackers in China
  • so cheaters can monitor other PUBG players via second monitor or even a smartphone
  • currently the anti cheat does not affect PUBG mobile so will probably have a new ban wave this time for mobile users
  • what do you think of the wave ban?

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