Wessex Skyblock - Philippine Minecraft Server [1.7 - 1.13] PC 


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Mar 10, 2019
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Wessex Skyblock
Welcome to Wessex Skyblock! Not your average-typical Skyblock game.
We offer exciting and fun features for you and your friends timelessly!

Complete our weekly challenges and get awesome rewards!

This is our second currency used to buy in Shard Shop!

Custom Enchants
Experience the out-of-the-ordinary enchants for your equipments and weapons!

Island Boosters
Double the amount of money, experience points or monster drops!

They come in handy when you need a second hand!

King of the Hill
Fight and conquer the hill with your island members!

Experience low ping!* Monthly events! Tags that expresses you! keepInventory! And probably hot damn more!

Help us improve Wessex Skyblock through suggestions and bug reporting!

Wessex Skyblock will be adding Factions this May! Therefore, we are changing the server name to Wessex Network. We will update this after we added Factions Server.

We hope you join us, and play! Help us be one of the best Minecraft Servers in the Philppines. Thank you!​

Website: https://wessex.site
Forums: https://discuss.wessex.site
Store: https://store.wessex.site
Discord: https://discord.wessex.site

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