West Point Esports disqualified in a Philippines League of Legends tournament due to an emote

A Filipino organizer of a local League of Legends tournament is being criticized after a frontrunning team was disqualified due to the player breaking the rule relating to the use of emote.


During the SAURNAMENT, a League of Legends tournament hosted by Filipino streamer Suzzysaur, West Point Esports’ academy team was disqualified immediately from the tournament after the team’s jungler, Joshua “Devoured” Escucharo, ‘emoted’ after getting a first-blood.

The emote was highly unintentional, as the champion would automatically emote after getting the first blood. It resulted in disqualification because, according to the tournament’s rule, the use of emotes, even the automatic ones, would result in an instant ban.

According to the clips of the match circulating online, the game was paused after the emote, and the team automatically called for disqualification.


While West Point Esports respected the decision of the organizers with the disqualification according to their official statement, they also revealed that their opponents also emoted in the middle of the game but chose not to counter-report.

“Our opponents also used emotes in the middle of the game, but we chose not to file a counter-report on this. We may have different opinions on how we win, but we will respect yours. As for WPE, we have always and will always choose the honorable path to winning, and that is by playing the game itself,” West Point Esports stated.


The organizers and the tournament itself received negative backlash from the League of Legends community, as they called the rules "stupid." But what surprised the fans is the fact that the Game Marshals left the DQ decision to the opposing team of WPE.

One fan even said that the tournament was “a complete mess.”.

Suzzysaur has addressed the issue, and according to her, prior to the tournament, they kept on reminding the teams about the rules and such. She even revealed that there were a total of three teams that got disqualified due to emotes and other reasons.

Despite the backlash, Suzzysaur expressed her gratitude for all the criticism they received, as, according to her, they will use it for improvements in organizing tournaments in the future.