Whales Rejoice and F2P Tremble: Arknights' Contingency Contract will be arriving soon!

It's about time! I know for sure some of you are trembling as you may think that you are unprepared for this event. I also see others are excited to play this game mode out because it will test their mettle. We all know that we've been planning for this event for a long time and now it is here. Fellow Doctors, I hope your operators are ready because Contingency Contract is about to hit Arknights Global servers!

Contingency Contract
Contingency Contract or CC for short, is a game mode where you select different Contracts that will have pros and cons to the enemy, also for you as well. Like for example, there will be a certain contract that Defenders or Healers are not allowed, also one could make enemies have strong buffs and the like. It is definitely a challenge and more contracts that you put in that makes the stage harder, the better, because you can gain more rewards from it. So test your might in this game mode! This game mode will start at June 12 and end at June 26 with the claiming of rewards until July 3. Look out for Siege's skin there, if you have her, or you want to future-proof, now's your chance!

Oh, it's also worth a mention that this game mode is sanity-free, means you do not need to spend Sanity to play them, so experiment and test your operators for all you like. Also remember that adding buffs to your team or nerfs to the enemy will disable the ranking of your contracts, making it Risk 0 so avoid putting them.

Free Dailies once more!
So if it is sanity-free then grinding will still be open to you, yes? Well, you should be! Preparing for CC is a necessity as long as it is up and incoming (yes, there are more CC stages to come) CC events are still going to go so it's better that you prepare your operators for this event. And in line with that, dailies are once again open, so go get some EXP cards, LMDs and chips for your operators to make sure that they are in top of their game.


A legendary event is usually paired with a legendary banner and oh boy, do we have a banner for you. Presenting, the Joint Operation Banner! This banner is great for a lot of reasons, first, it has 4, yes FOUR, 6-star operators in rate-up. Second, these 4 6-stars are all legendary in their own right. Two of the Big 3, SilverAsh and Eyjafjalla are on this banner, Ch'en is a strong guard that is very versatile and Angelina is a game-changer once you E2 her. Third, the 5-star operators that are on rate-up are very nice as well. Finally, you cannot get an off-banner 6-star in this banner, therefore, if you do get a 6-star it's either one of these 4 that are on rate-up. So I highly suggest that you roll for them when this banner releases!

Meanwhile, if you do have them already, you can also check the Standard Banner rate-up. The 6-stars there are Siege and Saria, both indispensable in CC and other game contents too. The 5-stars are also pretty neat which is valuable in the coming event therefore, whichever you see that fits your needs is the banner you should roll, besides, there's a guarantee anyway, so go for it!

BONUS: Free Sanity Pot
Arknights Devs know that we have a lot of catching up to do, therefore they, once again, gave us free sanity pots for 2 weeks, starting June 12 until June 25. Catching up in the game has never been easier now that we've been receiving Sanity Pots recently.

Some may panic, others are excited while the rest are probably chill about it. Wherever you fit in that category, this game mode will offer you tons of rewards while playing the game risk-free. Play the strat you want, do some meme comps or stomp the enemy, your call either way, just make sure that you are going to play through Contingency Contract!

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