What different is about Apex Legends and PUBG? Games 


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Mar 13, 2019
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Apex Legends has recently been moving like a storm destroying every Battle royale game in how which contains Free Open fire, Your survival Game and other struggle royale games. This looks that very soon Apex Legends will achieve right up until PUBG is now. I buy Apex Legends cd key and play a few days .Only time will tell but it’s insane hot right now. PUBG was my first love and I tried actively playing Fortnite for about a week and then halted to go back to PUBG. I played Power outage nonstop during the beta but only played a few dozen games after it was launched. Since Apex was released that’s the only one I’ve already been playing.

The polish on this game is fantastic. It removes all the things you hate about PUBG like jumping with your team, managing stock when swapping weapons, moving your entire attachments from a gun you currently have to one you are picking up. The game also prevents you from accidently switching to a worse attachment or shield item. The smoothness skills are fun without being OPERATIVE and add to play back ability. The ping system for spotting enemies and calling out weapons and items is amazing. Within PUBG we developed our own language for phoning out items in various building. It was so tedious. Apex is merely thrilling fast paced. You do not wait for minute in a lobby where individuals shout annoying stuff in tone of voice chat.

Only big problem I have so far is you can ONLY play 3 man teams. A small gripe would be the lack of a dying cam to observe how near you were to eliminating anyone that easily wiped out you.