What FF7 Remake Battle Royale: The First Soldier's Gameplay Is Like Final Fantasy VII


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Mar 5, 2021
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The First Soldier is an upcoming mobile game with battle royale-style combat. Here is what's known about its gameplay so far.

What FF7 The First Soldier Gameplay Is Like
Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is an upcoming mobile game set in the universe of FF7 Remake. As a prequel to FF7 Remake, The First Soldier takes place about thirty years before Cloud shows up at the Mako Reactor with the members of Avalanche. The mobile game also isn't a traditional RPG - instead, it's a battle royale title similar to Fortnite. Here's everything known about FF7: The First Soldier's gameplay so far.

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What FF7 The First Soldier Gameplay Is Like

The First Soldier was announced after FF7 Remake: Intergrade was unveiled during Sony's latest State of Play. It's one of two mobile games that Square Enix is releasing inside the FF7 Remake universe, and The First Soldier is a prequel dealing with President Shinra's formation of SOLDIER, the elite military program with past members including Cloud Strife and Zack Fair.

Not a lot is known about The First Soldier's plot at this point, although it looks like players will be able to create their own characters to take part in the SOLDIER program. The reveal trailer showed off quite a bit of gameplay, and revealed some iconic Final Fantasy monsters as well as Ifrit, a long-running summon seen in the franchise and in FF7 Remake as well. As players participate in combat, it looks like The First Soldier will offer a variety of maps taken from FF7 Remake's Midgar.

What FF7: The First Soldier's Battle Royale Is Like
FF7 The First Soldier Gameplay
Players will have a variety of weapons at their disposal, as well as numerous Final Fantasy spells. Although the trailer primarily focused on the game's shooter mechanics, it does appear that players will have access to melee weapons like swords. However, The First Soldier's gameplay seems more deeply rooted in being a shooter than a hack-and-slash or melee brawler - based on what's shown in the trailer.

While playing, both third-person and first-person views are available; however, it's unclear if the first-person viewpoint is available all the time or just for better aiming. Useful items and ammo also appear to be scattered around the game's various maps, which means picking them up strategically will be a must. And while a lot of attention is on FF7 Remake: Intergrade and the new Yuffie episode, an online multiplayer mobile game like The First Soldier sounds like a lot of fun.

From the reveal trailer, it looks like development of FF7: The First Soldier is well underway. The game will be available on iOS and Android devices at an unspecified date in 2021.


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