What is Celestial Level in Mobile Legends?


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May 12, 2019
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There's a new system called Celestial Level where you have to level up by performing the tasks to earn rewards, the higher level you are, the better rewards you can get. Also the Celestial Task will refresh every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Players who completed the task will earn a Celestial Key which then be used to open the Celestial Box to earn the rewards.

This feature was added on the Patch 1.3.88 with the following additional features
  • New Roaming Equipment
  • Revamped Heroes
  • Celestial Level
  • New Events
  • Battle Experience Optimization
  • Equipment Book&Equipment Purchase 5:08 Hero Position
  • Blink and Obstacles
  • Retribution & Jungling Equipment
  • Revamped Brawl Map

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