What is Passive Item Stacking Effect ?


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Nov 3, 2014
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What the heck is passive stacking item? Item passive stacking interactions between two items which give the same effect. For example, you have two MKB, well how does the effect obtained from two of the same item, going to tell more here. But, before going into the main discussion, you have to know first that passive stacking items that there are three categories.

The first independent stacking (items whose effects are independent, not subject to the same item in another slot), the second chance stacking (items that give the effect of chance opportunity can create the effect of these items), and the latter do not stack (item which does not give any additional effect if for example there is the same item in another slot).

Independent Stacking

Stacking independent effect given by the item as below,
  • Bonus damage
  • Bonus stats (STR / AGI / INT)
  • Bonus Mana / blood
  • Bonus HP regen / mana regen
  • Bonus attack speed
  • Bonus armor
  • Percentage (%) Cleave
  • Mini bash from the MKB
Well, the effects as above will always stack although there are other items that have a similar effect. For example, you have a Bloodstone and Octarine Core. Well bonus effect of blood and which of the two was going to stack items alias can be combined. its not possible if you buy Bloodstone (eg HP100 and MP 50) continues to buy Octarine Core (HP remains 100 and MP remains 50), it is possible huh? Hence effects as above was always stack with other items that have the same effect.

Another example, you have two pieces of MKB. Each hit an enemy, you are going to be able to two separate occasions but the Mini Bash, 45.50% chance you can get a mini bash and 12.25% you can get two mini-bash at once.

Chance Stacking

Example for Chance Stacking :
  • Damage block
  • Critical Strike
  • Evasion
  • Magic Resistance
Items that have the effect of chance each give effect, but sorted from the biggest to the smallest. Chance obtained when an item chance stack with another chance item, the calculation formula is "1- (1-x) * (1-y) * (1-z) * ..." in which the variables x, y, and z represent each chance of items owned.
  • If melee heroes have the same Vanguard Stout Shield, Vanguard had a chance because the block for greater damage than the Stout Shield, then the chance that the hero gain is 75% for block 40 damage, 12.5% received less than 16 damage and 12.5 % receive normal damage.
  • If you buy the same Crystalys Daedalus, every hit you going to get 25% critical of the Daedalus, 20% critical of Crystalys and 5% of both. This is different from independent stacking.
  • If you have a Butterfly (35% Evasion) and Heaven's Halberd (25% Evasion), then you are going to have a 51.25% chance miss time for making enemies hit you.
  • For magic resistance. Suppose you are attacked skill magic damage 100. Hero you have a 25% magic damage(all hero), means the 100 magic damage turned into 75 magic damage. Now, if for example you have a Hood of Defiance, means 75 magic damage was reduced again to 30% so 52.5 damage. If you have 2 pieces hood, mean 52.5 magic damage reduced another 30% before it becomes 36.75 damage, and like that. Example the Anti-Mage has 25% magic resistance, plus the Spell Shield level 4 (50% magic resistance), continue if coupled Hood of Defiance (30% magic resistance) means that the AM has: 1- (1-.75) * (1-0,50) * (1-0,30) = 0.7375 = 73.75% magic resistance! GGWP
Do Not Stack
  • Bloodstone. Two bloodstone can not reduce respawn time.
  • Skull basher. This item will not give you an extra chance effect if you have this item more than one, So, just buy one skull basher!
  • Aura. Items that give an aura of going prioritized based on a better aura. For example if you have a Ring of Basillius and Vladmir, then the aura that will give to your friends is Vladmir aura, not the Ring of Basillius aura.
  • Unique Attack Modifier. Each attack can only give a unique effect attack modifier.