What is the best PC Game online you've ever played?


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Aug 4, 2019
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Since this is my first thread, I want to get to know you all my dear pinoy gamers.

What is the best PC Game online that you've ever played?

I realise that it's now too much game in android basis. But I'm still enjoying playing pc game, mmorpg especially.

I've played many games already, but this below are the best IMHO:
1. Archeage > love the graphics and the gameplay that you have to try hard build your own business there.
2. BDO > if you like pvp base game this is one of the best I think
3. Aion > Still playing this because this is the first game online for me to experience more of my skills. Not just pvp, crafting and pve skills also have the crucial things for you to be the best player here. Well you may use wings also and battle with other players like real flying. It's amazing.
4. Skyrim > any version of Skyrim
5. RF ONLINE > really missed the war
6. Seal Online >my first game online I've played ever. Many memoreable moments there.
7. Luna Online > met my first unreal boyfriend here..hahaha.. #shy
8. Ragnarok Online > still epic if you know what I mean.

Yea..I think that's all my fave game.

How bout you guys?
Give your comments here...


Darwin Laganzon

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Jan 28, 2020
Pateros, Metro Manila
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Ragnarok. Still rocking my level 83 crit assassin 74 battlesmith and 74 ds hunter today sa Extreme RO. :) Nakakalungot lang because there's obviously a lot of farm bots. Especially sa Wild Rose.

Rules of Survival, but sadly, the game is full of bugs, glitches and hackers. Poorly optimized and a very crowded server causing game lags everywhere.