What is your role in DOTA 2? (Beginners Guide to Pick your ROLE in DOTA 2) Part 1


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Jan 25, 2018
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Good day fellow Pinoy Gamers!

Each and everyone of us are different in many ways. We choose different paths when it comes to playing DOTA 2. Just like in a game of basketball where you have different positions, DOTA 2 has roles that makes it both challenging and fun to play with. Let's take a deeper look at the roles and you'll be the judge on which role that best suits you :)

The Carries:
Possibly the most picked position in SEA server (Low Bracket). These are the folks who pick heroes that are "Late Bloomers", that means they need farm and items for them to be effective in combat or team fights. They also need to boost their levels ahead of the enemy to stay on top of them. Failed Carry means, poor late game potential for the team.

Here are some heroes that are viable for a Carry Role:
Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, Wraith King, Medusa.

The Midlaners:
Being one of the most challenging position to take part in and yet the most rewarding. Being the midlaner of your team, it is your responsibility to set the pace of the game. When you are ahead of your enemy, it is likely that your team will get the upper hand when it comes to ganking other lanes. "Why is it so difficult?" you ask? Well, having the responsibility of setting the pace of the game, enemy team will do everything to make sure that they can get hold of that upper hand! Thus, be careful of enemy ganks! Also, you need to dominate runes early on, to continually have charges on your bottle.

Heroes that are great for Midlane:
Storm Spirit, Shadow Fiend, Sniper

Just like playing in a band, we play with different instruments, and you'll have the freedom of choosing which instrument plays best for you. Would like me to do more articles about DOTA 2? Comment below!

By the way, this is just the first part. Please stay tuned for the other 3 roles!

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