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Discussion in 'Playstation' started by MakiMakulit, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. MakiMakulit

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    Merry Christmas to everyone. I just want to know your opinion in buying games. Personaly the biggest factor in purchasing such games would be the length to beat it, to get the most out of my money. I dont know bout you guys if you will agree with me that this gaming vice is not a joke, but hell I love it. So do you just buy the game because its popular and good even if its just 7hrs to complete, or you go with the extra mile and have sleepless nights like 50+ hrs to 100+hrs before you say I DID IT AGAIN.
  2. leviticusrockz

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    Merry christmas din bro. For me, the games now specially to the ps3 to ps4 age with it's rival, games now are online update which means.
    the disc you purchase don't end there after an the story ends, there are provided multiplayer option one's completed the story line or even while
    in the mid on the story.

    There are many games such as :
    Call of Duty : black ops
    Plants vs. zombies Garden warfare
    ....... many more
  3. leviticusrockz

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    i mean you could interact with other players, to battle others too
  4. xero

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    Hi Merry Xmas! For me biggest factor is the story kahit several hours lang game if maganda story I'll replay it all over again as well as recommend it with other gamers then combine it with open work wala ng tulugan haha,

    If you haven't played bioware games such as dragon age or mass effect they are worth every peso
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  5. Kenneth Mervin Enriquez

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    Ako naman PS one,psp,xbox pa lang naglalaro na ko so fan tlga ako ng mga old games like Metal gear, Resident Evil, Silent hill kasi dun na ko lumaki. Yung mga games kasi ngayon sa PS4 continuation ng story ng mga laro date so yun yung mga madalas na nilalaro ko kasi nacaptivate na ko ng mga story nila. So kung tinatanong mo ko kung popular games ang binibili ko siguro oo kasi yung mga laro nuon sila yung popular.

    marecommend ko lang siguro sayo kung nilaro mo na sila dati at gusto malaman yung katupusan ng kwento nila sa PS4 yun ang bilin mo. pero kung di mo pa sya dati sila nilaro I think sila yung least sa priority mo... Like example ako fan tlga ako ng metal gear, di mo fully maapreciate yung Metal gear V kung di ka fan ng metal gear mula PS one. Even yung Witcher 3 kung ala ka background ng Witcher 2 o witcher 1 hindi mo maiintindhan yung ibang conversation nila.
  6. Mookie

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    it's a little mix of both actually to me...

    Sometimes I buy games because its more than 75% off or I got it way cheaper like Batman Arkham Knigh Premium Edition for 20 USD lang.

    Other times I wanna buy them because I'm a fan kaya kahit pre-purchase kakagat ako like XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, Dungeon Siege III for example.

    On rare case, I buy them dahil sikat sya tulad ng Dying Light, ARK: Survival Evolved, Her Story & Killing Floor 2

    I also buy unusual or underrated games like Replique & Volume

    I never get to finish the games i buy lately. Ewan ko, that maybe a bad thing or a good thing but I know for sure, magastos din ako pag dating sa spending games...
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