What to Expect on Genshin Impact Patch 1.1 PC PlayStation iOS Android 

With patch 1.1 coming around the corner, let us discuss what will happen for the latest patch. It can be overwhelming or underwhelming depending on your perspective. But let us discuss them one by one to see how good it is. This has been previewed in the CN stream so we'll be seeing things in Chinese more or less.

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A Closure to Liyue Chapter

Now it is time to end the story of Liyue as we traverse to the palace of Ningguang after an invitation in the end of the latest story, this will reveal more to the story. What happened to Rex Lapis, what will happen to Liyue after all the events start to move and consequences take place, more to know as the story continues.

Closure to Liyue Chapter.jpeg

New Characters

We have 4 new characters coming our way with Zhongli, Childe, Diona and Xinyan. Zhongli and Childe, we all are familiar but for those who are unaware. Zhongli is the man that will accompany you alongside in the Liyue chapter of the game, a geo-polearm user that can summon a meteor as his Elemental Burst and Childe is the Fatui ally you have which can contain deeper thoughts than you can perceive.

Zhongli, Childe, Diona and Xinyan.jpg

He is one of the Eleven Harbingers which can spell mystery as why is he helping the traveler, a hydro bow user that can switch to a polearm as part of his skill set. This sets an interesting development in the game, switching weapons may be a hit for the players who want to be versatile in the combat.

As for the 4-stars, we have also 2 new characters coming our way

Diona and Xinyan.jpg

First is Diona, a bartender from Cat Tail in Mondstadt, despite her work, she hates alcohol and wants nothing of it, a Cryo Bow user which might be interesting for those who want characters with bows and love her playstyle. Another one is the rock'n'roll girl of Liyue, Xinyan. A Pyro Claymore user sets the stage on fire literally with her elemental burst. With her explosive force, you might want her in your squad.

Well, that is for the summonable characters. But if you want to add the unsummonable ones, there is another character which is Ganyu, rumored to be a half-adeptus and half-human.


Ganyu is told to have a great contribution in the upcoming story chapter so that is something to look forward to. Will the story make her more desirable? Let us see...

New Boss

With the chapter coming to a close and the storyline of Liyue is about to finish. There is a new weekly boss that we will expect soon. If you do not want to be spoiled, then by all means ignore the following spoiler.

weekly boss.jpeg

Childe (Tartaglia) is the next weekly boss!

The next boss will supposedly have 3 forms in the storyline while we do not know if this will be revamped in the weekly boss setup or not.

New Items

With all the grinding that is involved in the game, there should be items that will help us alleviate the pain of the grind, right? Well, in the next patch there will be one that will incredibly help us in our adventures.

New Items.jpg

First is the Fujin's Eye Resonance Stone which will help you gather anemoculi and geoculi since its purpose is to let you find them quickly. this is great for those who are hunting for the remaining oculi around the map. Especially since collecting all the 10 levels of the Geo Statue of the Seven lets you play to unlock a quest that gets you a 5-star artifact!

portable cooking stations.png

Portable teleporters and cooking pots are also available for you to grab in the next event. We all have our farming zones we wish to quickly access without having to bother enemy camps and troublesome terrain, so the portable teleporters will definitely help you on that. Also, finding a camp to invade and cook sometimes is troublesome especially if you are really running low on health and you are not in the mood or time to teleport to the nearest statue to heal up. So the portable cooking stations are truly neat for us!

Also, let's not forget to mention food bags and anemo bottles. Food bags will be your best friend in times of tough fights. A quick heals will be necessary and the annoyance of pulling up the inventory every time you need to heal will be a problem of the past. Anemo bottles on the other hand will be your pocket Venti elemental skill, it will create a wind current every time you need it, so if you missed Venti and you want to do this, your prayers have been solved!

New Events

A new event is coming up soon and it will contain interesting things for us. It might be the first major event that we all have been waiting for.

The event will be called as the "Unreconciled Stars" Event. This event will feature Fischl and Mona as part of the event. It has 3 stages that will be released in a staggered manner and will have gameplay that looks like the Crucible event we had the past few weeks. Playing the event will get you a free Fischl!

Fischl is a strong character that will help you a lot for your Electro needs and can be very beneficial to all players out there so this is great. Topped with other rewards, even if the gameplay will look like the Crucible event, this might be a great event compared to the last 2 which can be mediocre at best for those who have played other gacha game events in the past.

Reputation System.png

Reputation System

Wanting to have another thing to do in the game other than find treasures you might have missed? Well, there's a new event coming soon that might interest you. The Reputation System, this mechanic be available to both regions of Mondstadt and Liyue.

There will be an NPC that you will interact which will give you various quests that will involve, exploration, bounties, requests, and other things. Gaining more reputation will rack you rewards such as name cards, recipes, Mora, experience cards, and more.


Well, this will be a great way to break the monotony on the game. I for one, welcome something new while we wait for Inazuma.

Things to Look forward to

hilichurl mob.png
Look forward.png

Well, other than that we have resin capacity change to 120 to 160 which is..... a very meh solution to the resin changes, but it is a step in the right direction. A hilichurl mob that will drop good stuff such as primogems and random items. Quick slots for Anemo bottles and food bags and a mysterious area that might be part of the story.

Things will be revealed slowly as 1.1 comes, for now, let us wait until it arrives in November 11. 11.11 for Patch 1.1, interesting. What has got you interested though? Join the Genshin Impact discussion!

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