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Nov 14, 2015
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Curious lang ako sa display settings niyo sa PS4 guys. My wife and I bought a KONKA 32 inch last December 2014, and I believe na hindi siya full hd kasi walang naka-indicate na 1080p sa box niya. 10 days ago bumili kami ng PS4 CUH1206 B02 with MGSVPP and the next day an extra dualshock 4 and NBA2K16. Then I started browsing through the display settings ng PS4, and I noticed na nakalagay sa Automatic. So I tried every display option, at ito mga napansin ko:

a. 480p - standard tv square screen display.
b. 720p - fuzzy and semi pixelated, masakit sa mata.
c. 1080i - fuzzy and noticeable yung distortion sa default PS4 backgound screen animation
and some noticeable lines.
d. 1080p - sobrang linaw ng screen smooth yung default PS4 backgound screen animation.

Back in 2013 I also played using a Fukuda 32 inch with my PC and tried 1080p, and my screen went blank, so I was just nailed with 720p. In my conclusion if the tv is not full hd it cannot display a 1080p input, the settings is just limited to 720p. But in the case of the KONKA nailabas niya yung 1080p display without flickering or going blank. I was not convinced na kaya ng KONKA kasi there's nothing on the box that says 1080p, so i went back on the PS4 display settings to check if bumalik sa Automatic, but to my surprise 1080p is still checked. For all I know if the tv cannot handle the selected display settings ng PS4, kusang ibabalik ng system sa Automatic ang display. How about you guys, ano display settings niyo sa mga non full hd tv niyo with your PS4?

Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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haha sorry i always use automatic pero thanks sa insight will try this option if may changes sa monitor ko

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