Where is Luda, Boboko and Losha in Flyff Universe PC 


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Jun 10, 2022
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During your first day of adventure in Flyff Universe as Vagrant, you probably uncertain where to start in the game and how to find an NPC. One of the first mission is you need to find three of these NPC, namely Luda, Boboko and Losha.
In this guide, we will show you on how to locate these NPC in the game and where to find these 3 NPC.
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How to find NPC in the Map
First thing, we will be teaching you the basic on finding the NPC for your quest. To do that, you need to click the NPC name from the quest tab on the right side. In the example blow, you need to click the Meet Luda.

The map will then appear, look for these small “red/yellow” icon on the map. That should be the location of the NPC.

There is no auto-path or follow on Flyff Universe, so you need to manually go to the location.

Where to find Luda, Boboko and Losha
You can find Luda and Boboko at the left corner side of Flarine at the Armory.

Then the NPC Losha can be found at the right sider corner of Flarine, she is at the Food corner.

That’s it! Hope this help you do some basic finding of NPC in Flyff Universe.