Which Is Better: Edp Vs Call Spirits


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May 8, 2019
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Enchant Deadly Poison (EDP)
- Lvl 3 from Cookie (Toy Factory 1F)
- Increase 9% PATK which lasts 40 sec

Call Spirits (CS)
- lvl 4 from Orc Lady
- Gives +10 Atk per spirit sphere, total of +50 Atk for 5 spheres and 10% ignore def which lasts for 5 mins
- currently bugged, even at level 1 (from magnolia) you can cast a maximum of 5 spheres.

Lets say you have 2000 ATK. Which skill is better?

EDP: 2000 + 9% of Atk = 2180
CS: 2000 + 50 = 2050

Based on above computation, EDP is better since its a percentage bonus but we cant disregard the ignore def of CS.

However, EDP is only better once your attack is more than 600.

It really depends on your playstyle and build. There are a lot of other skills that can be copied like truesight (cruiser), meltdown (zipper bear), overtrust (bapho jr), adrenaline rush (sting), impositio manus (ferus) etc.

I just want to show everyone the difference between the two skills. Its up to you to decide what its best for your character.

Here is my personal preference:

▪ADL - Call Spirits / Truesight / Adrenaline rush
▪Dagger - Impositio Manus / EDP / Crazy Uproar

▪Farming (AOE) - Arrow Shower
▪Crowd Control (ET) - Storm Gust
▪Buffer (PATK party) - Adrenaline Rush

So ayun po. Kayo na po bahala kung ano i-copy niyo.

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