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Welcome, warriors! We have prepared a basic guide of Whisper of Hell to help you better understand the game. The content will be updated regularly so you can always find what you need to view.
If you have any question or opinion, please post in our Facebook Fan Group or contact the GM.
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Entering WOH

1. Register and log in
*The following content may be changed according to the game updates.

There are four ways to log in our game.

1. Guest LoginYou can directly log in our game without binding any account. But for security, we suggest you bind it with Facebook or Google account.2.Facebook Account Login3.Google Account Login4. Register a new account
  • Tap "Register" to enter the register page

  • Input the account and password you want following the instructions

  • Tap the "Register" below and you will enter the server selecting page next if the registration succeeds.

  • Select a server you want to join in

  • Tap Game Start to enter the Class selecting page

  • Select your favorite Class, give your character a name(or let System pick a random one) and create a character. Now, you're one of the warriors! Good luck with your future adventures!

Introduction of Classes

1. Barbarian

There are three classes in our game so far. But you can do Class Advance to multiply your choices. Each class has three special advancing directions. You will gain more powerful skills after the advancement.


He is never afraid of enemies approaching him since his invincible strength and close combat ability makes him capable of slaying them before they even get the chance to escape.

Barbarian can perform skills of jump-and-slay, large-scale AOE as well as damaging enemies in a fan shape. He plays a shield in PVE and a reliable protector which bears the skill damage caused by the opponent in PVP.
Class Advance

1. Blade warrior:

2.Sword Master:

3.Holy Knight

* The following content may be changed according to the game updates.

2. Devil Hunter:

Classes Introduction: There are three classes in our game so far. But you can do Class Advance to multiply your choices. Each class has three special advancing directions. You will gain more powerful skills after the advancement. Devil Hunter!

He is a righteous but ruthless fighter equipped with a killing bow. He doesn't have to approach danger to eliminate it. Because shooting enemies from a distant position seems to be his talent, especially when the enemies are gathering together.

Devil Hunter is equipped with long range directionality skill which enables him to damage and slow down the enemies from afar. Class Advance:

1.Retribution Hunter

2.Bloody Slayer

3.Phantom Ranger

*The following content may be changed according to the game updates.

3. Holy Spirit:

There are three classes in our game so far. But you can do Class Advance to multiply your choices. Each class has three special advancing directions. You will gain more powerful skills after the advancement. Holy Spirit!

A beautiful and elegant woman. Holding a mysterious magic ball in her left hand, she was born to control magic

As a female Class, Holy Spirit commands gorgeous but practical skills. It's the Class that deals the highest damage and effectively develops the battle duration. Though the skills of Holy Spirit don't support stats bonus or damage reduction, her AOE damage and control plays an important role either in seckilling the targets or in surviving. Class Advance:

1. Inferno Mage

2. Blizard Mage

3. Thunder Mage

*The above content may be changed according to the game updates.

How do you get more rewards?
1. Recharging Guide:

How do we recharge?
If this is the first recharge, you can tap Discount-Go to recharge at the main page. You will be rewarded with a huge pack for your first recharge. And after the first recharge the icon "Discount" will be replaced with "Recharge". If this is not the first recharge, just tap "Recharge" at the main page to complete recharging.

How do we get more rewards other than recharging?
First Recharge: More than First Recharge Gift, you can also obtain Diamonds double the amount(Except for Monthly and Weekly Card). But please be noted that the Double Bonus can only be collected once on each recharging level. Weekly Card: You can obtain 499 Diamonds right after you have purchased the Weekly Card and get massive enhancement materials every day within the time limit. Monthly Card: You can obtain 1999 Diamonds right after you have purchased the Monthly Card and get more enhancement materials than the Weekly Card every day within the time limit.

Can we activate the Monthly Card and Weekly Card at the same time and get rewards from both?
Yes, you can.

Can we claim the Discount rewards by purchasing the Monthly or Weekly Card?
Purchasing Monthly and Weekly Card is equal to recharging. It can also be counted as accumulative recharging.

Can we purchase Monthly or Weekly Card more than once at one time?
No, you have to wait until the last Monthly or Weekly Card expires before you purchase another one of the same type.

Is there any other bonus of recharging?
There's a Rank System in our game. You can unlock certain ranks to get rank rewards once you have recharged to certain amount. The rank rewards enable you to obtain stats bonus or exp bonus. The higher your rank is, the more rewards you will get.

What is the conversion rate of cash to Diamond?
One dollar for 100 Diamonds

Is it possible for several characters of the same account sharing the Diamonds?
No, the Diamond for each character is independent. One character cannot use the Diamonds of another character.

* The above content may be changed according to the game updates.


There are two kinds of markets in Trade-Topaz Market and Gold Market

Topaz Market
  1. Limited amount of some basic materials can be purchased and sold here. The purchase chances refresh every day.
  2. The fluctuation of item price is subject to the supply and demand of the whole server. The more times players in your server purchase one item, the higher its price could be. Accordingly, the more times players in your server sell one item, the lower its price could be.
  3. The Topaz will be sent to your account immediately when the selling is accomplished.
  4. There would be fees for every transaction.

Topaz Market Purchasing Page

Topaz Market Selling Page

Gold Market
  1. Compared with the Topaz Market, the items in Gold Market are unlimited. Any item that is not bound can be traded here.
  2. All items are supplied by players. The official doesn't interfere.
  3. The pricing is decided by the player who sells it.
Open a store in Gold Market
  1. To trade in Gold Market, you have to open a store first.
  2. Tap Sell to check the rules of opening a store on the right side.

  3. Input the name of your store. (The name is only available in Gold Market.)

  4. Tap Open Store, consume 560 gold coins and you will have you own store!

Gold Market Trade Instructions
  • Purchase

    1. Enter Gold Market and choose whatever you want in the page or you can directly search the item.

    2. After the item has been selected, tap Purchase to complete the transaction.(The lower right corner is the remaining pieces of items. You can choose the amount you want to purchase.)
  • Sell

    1. Tap Sell, you can put your spare items on the shelf once you have opened a store. Usually there are 6 places for items on the shelf, but you can expand the space with gold coins. On the right side it's all the items available for selling.

    2. Choose what you are willing to sell and set up the price. Then your item would be on shelf now. When it's been sold out, the market will take a commission of 3% to 8% of the item price according to the transaction situation.

    3. If your item has been purchased by another player, the gold coins will be temporarily saved in the Store Funds. You can check the records in Bill.

    4. If you want to withdraw the gold coins obtained by selling items, tap Store Funds.

    5. The gold coins in Store Funds requires some maintenance fee. So don't forget to withdraw your money once the transaction is completed. (You will receive the message of transaction completed in Friend-System.)

1.Hunter Mark

Upgrading Hunter Mark is one of the main ways to improve your power. The system will be unlocked when you complete the corresponding main quest at Lv.21. Simply click on Gear to find Hunter Mark.

There are 6 slots for Hunter Mark: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, Boots, Necklace, and Ring.
Different slots provide different stats bonus. For instance, when you reinforce your weapon, it increases the PATK.

There are 6 stages of Hunter Mark and each stage requires certain amount of mark stones and silver coins to upgrade. The higher level your Hunter Mark is, the more the coins will be consumed.

There is a chance for Hunter Mark to be perfectly upgraded, and you’ll probably get the biggest power bonuses.

You can continue perfecting your Hunter Mark by using materials. The consumption of silver coins will dramatically decrease while the consumption of mark stones stays the same.

How to get mark stones?
1. Primary mark stones are available at Topaz Store in Trade. You can also get some stones by completing main quests or daily activities.

2.Normal mark stones, advanced mark stones and valor mark stones are available in Store. For higher level mark stones, you can only get them by synthesizing.

3. You can check the auto purchase option when your mark stones are insufficient, which will consume your diamond automatically. (It's only for mark stones that are purchasable in Store.)

4.Be noticed that you need to equip gears first so that you can get corresponding stats bonuses.

*The above content may be changed according to the game updates.


Compared to other systems that promote the power, Pet will bring you massive stats bonuses as well as the positive skills that greatly affect your battle condition.

How to obtain: Store, Secret Dungeon, Blood Devil Dungeon, Infinite Hunt, Devil Elite, Disguise of Devils and Battlefield Escort.

Through the ways above you will get the Pet Soul Pack which contains one piece of pet soul. You are able to get the pet once you have collected enough pieces.

Tap Pet on the right side of main page
1. At Battle page, there are 7 slots for 7 pets you’re allowed to equip. The middle slot is for the main pet and only the main pet can unleash positive skill. Another 6 are only able to provide passive stats bonuses.

2. The pets you currently own will show on the right side of Battle page. You can equip them by dragging them to the battle positions.

3. Each pet has different positive and passive skills, which can be found at Pet-Info. For every pet, the first skill is positive and the rest are passive. You can enhance these skills by consuming materials.

4. The skills are available for adjusting by consuming topaz. Every time you adjust, the skills will refresh. There’s a chance to obtain more skills. But the skills will return to Lv.1 once you save them so be cautious.

5. You can fuse a pet egg if you have collected enough pet souls. Pets of different qualities require different amount of souls which is listed below.

Orange Quality Pet: 15
Purple Quality Pet: 12
Blue Quality Pet: 9
Green Quality Pet: 6

6. Once the pet souls have been fused and turned into an egg. Tap Pet Egg-Hatch, you will obtain a pet.

*All the content above may be changed according to the game updates.

1. Upgrading Strategy:

The Closed Beta Test of TOD is open now. Are you afraid that you will be leveling up too slow and falling behind others?

Today we're here to introduce some ways to obtain EXP in game.In the beginning you get EXP mainly through completing quests, which include Main Quests and Side Quests. There're a lot introductions in Main Quests to lead you to unlock new features when carrying out quests. While Side Quests are meant to promote your character's strength and enable you to know the features better.Since there're enough Side Quests, you don't have to worry about the leveling up at the beginning. As your level gets higher, the quests cannot supply enough EXP for you to level up the character as well as the skills. Take it easy. We have already get everything prepared.Tap "Daily"-"EXP Drop", let's take a look!

1.Bounty Quest Bounty Quest is the first way to get EXP. You can obtain some Silver Coins and EXP every time you complete a bounty quest. Besides you may randomly receive massive Skill Energy, Mark Stone and Enhancement Stone, which greatly develops the power. *Every 10 bounty quests completed will enable you to get an extra Bounty Quest 10 Cycles Reward, including much Silver Coins and EXP.

2.Dungeon Trial This is where you can get EXP the quickest. Forming a Party with other players is recommended since there will be extra EXP(The Leader will get more). The team members will follow the Leader automatically.But, if you are strong enough and don't care about the extra EXP, you can also enter the Dungeon Trial with a single-player party!

3.Legion Quest It's similar to Dungeon Trial and probably your second choice, on condition that you have joined one legion.Different Star Level of the quests grants different EXP. The highest level is 9 stars which produces the most EXP. The legion quests are completed in your legion so it could be fast to obtain much EXP!Apart from EXP, you can also get Legion Contribution and Legion Fund during quests to purchase legion gears and learn legion skills.

4.Devil Disguise Devil Disguise is open at different time periods. So you can always find the right time during the day to complete it and even participate multiple times.You are required to locate the Devils in disguise and defeat them in specified maps. Also, a party is recommended. But you can participate as a single-player party if you're confident enough.

5.Infinite Hunt Heading for the infinite hunt area to face the infinite attacking from infinite enemies, you will obtain much EXP and rare materials in a short time. But please be noted that the return will decrease as you stay longer in the area.0-1h: Obtaining 900% EXP, with a chance to get item drops1-3h: Obtaining 300% EXP, with a chance to get item dropsOver 3h: Obtaining 100% EXP, no more item drops

*The above content may be changed according to the game updates.


Legion Quest

Legion Quest is one of the main ways to obtain EXP. You can collect them in your legion once you have joined one.

1. Tap Daily-EXP Drop-Legion Quest

2. Tap GO to head for your legion to collect quests. The quests can be rated 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the star level, the bigger the rewards. The quests refresh regularly. You can also refresh immediately using topazes.

3. Tap Accept to collect quests, the character will complete the quest automatically and claim the rewards.

Tips: Unlike normal quests, the Legion Quest can only be collected once at a time. You have to accomplish the current one before you collect the next one.

Blood Devil Dungeon

Form: Team(3-20 player)
Time: All day
Rule: Form a party of 3-20 people to challenge Ron The Heart Eater. There are 6 free chances every week but players can purchase extra chances(6 times one week at most) using diamond. The chances refresh every Monday.
Blood Devil Dungeon is the hardest as well as where produces the most items. It's challenging but exciting. Warriors, are you ready?

How to enter Blood Devil Dungeon

1. Tap Daily to find Blood Devil Dungeon. You can check the details by tapping the icon and participate the event by tapping GO.

3. If you are already in a team of more than 3 people, just tap Blood Devil Dungeon to challenge. If you are not, tap Quick Team Up to join a team first.

Blood Devil Dungeon Guide
1. Recommended Team Form: It's better if there's one Holy Knight(Releasing sneer skill to attract the monsters so as to protect the shooter and magician which are more fragile) and one Phantom Ranger(Healing the whole squad).
2. Don't underestimate the devil followers around Ron The Heart Eater. They are capable of killing when you are even unaware.
3. Same as Secret Dungeon, if the whole squad is dead, Ron's HP will recover fast so be careful to leave at least one person alive in the battle.

Reward Allocation
1. The reward allocation here is different from that in Secret Dungeon. Here you have to "roll the dice".

2. All teammates have 60s to compete for the item drop after Ron has been killed. Tap Roll to fight for the items you want. The settlement is made when all players have rolled or the countdown ends and the player who has rolled the highest point will get the item.

Do you long for the awesome item drop? Come beat Ron in Blood Devil Dungeon!

Battlefield Escort

Form: Team
Level: Over Lv.30
Time: 11:00-23:00 every day
Chance(s): 2
Reward: Silver Coin

You should team up with other players to escort the chariot to the destination. There will be piles of monsters getting in the way so be careful and protect the chariot.

1. When the event is open, tap Daily to find Battlefield Escort. You can check the details of the event by tapping the icon and enter it by tapping GO.

2. After you enter the battlefield, you have to wait until the chariot shows up and moves forward. Here's when your mission begins. Defeat those monsters and escort the chariot to the end!

1. The more the team members, the more the rewards.
2. Pay attention to the distance of the chariot and the Boss at the end since he's destructive.
3. Holy Knight releasing sneer skill would draw the monsters' attention. That would help a lot to protect the chariot.

Secret Dungeon

Form: No limit(Teaming up is recommended)
Time: All day
You would receive large rewards in Secret Dungeon, including materials, gear scrolls and awesome badges. There are three kinds of difficulty-the Secret Dungeon 1, Secret Dungeon 2 and Secret Dungeon 3. For the latter two, we recommend you to form a party first.

1. Tap Daily to find Secret Dungeon, you can check the details of the event by tapping the icon and participate it by tapping GO.

2. The rewards will increase as the difficulty goes higher.

3. One key will be consumed every time you enter Secret Dungeon. Different difficulties require keys of different quality.

4. There are only three challenge chances but you can purchase extra chances(6 times the most) using diamond.


Basic Rule:
The Wings System unlocks when you reach the required level. Tap Wings to access further details.

Wings Upgrade:
The upgrade can be divided into Level up and Advance. Upgrade would increase the stats of wings and lead to magnificent appearance.

1. Materials: Feathers and Silver Coins (The better the quality, the more it costs to upgrade.)
2. Qualities: Blue, Purple, Orange and Red (The blue one can be obtained through first recharge. To get higher quality wings you must do upgrading because they are not available in the Store.)
3. Upgrade: Level up and Advance

Level up: Of the same quality, the higher the enhancement level, the more stats the wings will get and the more obvious the extra appearance effect.

Illustration: Orange Quality Wings of Barbarian-Lv.1

Illustration: Orange Quality Wings of Barbarian-Lv.1

Illustration: Orange Quality Wings of Barbarian-Lv.8

Illustration: Orange Quality Wings of Barbarian-Lv.24

4. Advance-Consume Projection Ore(can be purchased from Store) to exceed the current quality. The appearance would be transformed and the stats would increase a lot after the wings have been advanced. (Of the same quality, the appearances of different classes vary except for the Red quality ones.)

5. There is success rate of Advance that can be categorized as Great Crit, Crit, Enhanced and Failed.

Crit: Greatly improves the enhancement
Enhanced: Generally improves the enhancement
Failed: Remains the same level, the materials are wasted

6. Limitation: The upgrading is subject to the level of the Hunter Mark. For higher wings level you have to upgrade the Hunter Mark as well.


In Whisper of Hell, mounts will not only improve your power, but increase your movement speed. More importantly, it's also the symbol of your strength.

At the beginning, you would obtain the first mount: Abyssal incubus

Abyssal incubus

To obtain other mounts: Collecting Mount Spirit and Spirit Crystal
Blue Mount: Mount Spirit*30, Spirit Crystal*5
Purple Mount: Mount Spirit*30, Spirit Crystal*5
Orange Mount: Mount Spirit*50, Spirit Crystal*5

Mount Rank Up
1. To increase the additional stats as well as movement speed
2. To activate extra effects (eg. Immortal Dragon)
Materials for Rank Up: Mount Fragments

Immortal Dragon——Rank 1

Immortal Dragon——Rank 4
3. Accessory

Besides mount and wings, there's another way to add stats to your weapon-Accessory. You can find it in Decor-Accessory at the main page.(The Decor unlocks when you reach Lv.13.)

1. How to obtain it
In the beginning you would have you own weapon. Along with it there's an original accessory. To get higher quality accessories you need to level up your character or hunter mark or enhancement.

2. Categories
According to the quality, there are four kinds of accessories/shapes-blue, light purple, dark purple and orange quality.

And of each quality, there are three choices of skin separately.

You have to unlock the lower quality and skin before you are able to obtain the higher ones.
There are different requirements for you to unlock the accessories of different quality and skin. But generally you can choose to unlock this first skin(consuming Colorful Crystal) of each quality for 7 days, 30 days or permanently.
3. How it works

The accessories would greatly increase your power. As the quality and skin gets better, your power will go up accordingly as well. All kinds of accessories are able to add up stats to your weapon.

Besides, different quality will give you various awesome shapes and in each shape the three choices of skin would make your weapon present distinctive light effects.

*The above content may be changed according to the game updates.


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Abyssal Tower, It was said that there was a mysterious demon Tower existed on the end of the world and ancient people called it Abyssal Tower. The tower had disappeared for a very long time but due to some unknown reasons it magically reappears on the world now. It’s absolutely an excellent chance for warriors who desire powerful strength inexhaustible treasures, but please don’t forget that endless blood-starved abyssal demons are also waiting for the visitors to make a hearty meal there.

Abyssal Tower feature will be unlocked soon and players may get tons of precious items by defeating different Stage Guardians in it. Explore the tower, defeat the Guardians and make preparation to face more cruel challenges!