White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies' first episode is now out on Steam

The first episode of White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies, the eagerly anticipated horror sequel to White Day: A Labyrinth Called School, has been made available on PC via Steam for US$19.99. Gamers can now visit Yeondu High School again for a really distinctive and frightful Korean horror adventure.


Players take on the role of Soo-jin in this first of three episodes when she returns to Yeondu High School on March 14 at night to learn the truth about her classmate's death. By combining branching stories and a zapping mechanism, the game expands on the horror of the first game and emphasizes player agency. As a result, how Soo-jin's story develops and ends is greatly influenced by the choices made by the player.

White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies Episode 1 Trailer​

White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies Episode 1 Story​

In Yeondu High School, where the accident happened on March 14, there was a rumor going around among the students that Sung-ah's spirit had appeared there. Although most people didn't care about or believe in ghosts, a few of them began to remember things from the past.



To escape the grip of her nightmare brought on by Sung-ah's passing, one of the girls walked to the shuttered school late at night. But, the girl wasn't the only student present at the time. Tonight, they were being absorbed by the school once more, revealing the truth of that day.







For more information about the game, you can visit its official website here.